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  1. Yeah but I don't need the long bed. At first I wanted it but glad I got the standard 5.5ft bed for maneuverability/parking around here. It holds everything I've needed so, I'm happy with it. My buddy has a long bed Tundra (I know is longer than the Ford long bed) and it's just way too much with a crew cab. Like a yacht. I basically wanted the Tahoe look but pickup capability. This worked out well.
  2. Thanks! Here it is up close. I hand painted it with rattle cans and painters tape, then clear coats (I know, amateur). I primed and then plasti-dipped the cage. I'm 99.9% sure it's an Eddy...I asked Greg Harrison and he thinks it's an Eddy which pretty much copied his look. Every time I take one off the head I cringe as I don't want to go through repainting it again and I don't think I'll ever get it as good of a copy as I did.
  3. Got the biggest wheeled CCM bag they make so I have to sling my gear in this. AND added bonus with Covid... Super Crew cab allows me room to dress in truck for outdoor rinks or arenas that only allow minimal inside dressing.
  4. Mostly organized pick up in these pictures, but this is when I had Larcenys. Switched to the Toronto EFlex4s but I don't have any pictures in those yet.
  5. First Post here....I came upon this thread after suffering what I feel was a pretty serious hip injury today in net. I wanted to post both for answers to some of the questions I've seen, and also to ask - ultimately saving this thread and revisiting it for others' follow ups. I've had some hip problems after I turned 30 from playing goal later in life, sprint training, and squats (other sports). I ended up going up to the Lahey Clinic/Hospital in Lexington, MA, and after a couple of visits and scans, it was decided that I had been suffering from impingement. I ended up getting the Fe
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