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  1. Sidelineswap has plenty of new and used pro stocks pants, include 12A, 13A, and 14A ccm goalie pants.
  2. No one is talking about starting a fight over briefly lifting your mask to take a sip or water or wipe your face; we're talking about someone who lifts their mask up during play--not between whistles--for no reason other than to taunt the opposing team. But whatever helps you sleep at night.
  3. It's pretty clear from the context of the conversation, and my posts, what I consider plainly unacceptable: and that's lifting your mask up during play (I've never seen any goalie sit on top of their net during play). If you disagree, fine. But I've played enough competitive hockey in my life, including juniors and college, to know that doing so is wildly unacceptable. Maybe not all agree, but in my 20+ years of playing goalie, I've learned that hockey, like golf, has gentlemen rules. One of those rules, in the context of playing goalie, is not lifting your mask up--during play--and leaving it
  4. I've played enough competitive hockey in my life to know there are certain things you don't do. I've played for teams that have had over 100 shots on goal in a game, and I've been on the receiving end of 50-plus shot games. If you don't have a lot of shots, you don't lift your mask up during play or, god forbid, sit on the top of the net, which is far worse. At certain level, you should not only have respect for the game, but also the goalie at the other end. We are--as they say--a "different breed." You see plenty of one-sided games in the NHL, and you never see goalies doing this garbage.
  5. Yeah, I'm sure that's what happening when someone lifts their mask up to watch the play in the other team's zone. (eye roll)
  6. @stackem30, I played against another goalie in men's league who would lift his bucket up during play, which I despised. I told him in between periods to knock it off or I'd make him pay for it. Sure enough, he didn't do it again the rest of the game. I'd like to credit that success to my 2-0 record in goalie fights during juniors, but he obviously didn't know about that.
  7. I have only used the Premier series, from both RBK and Reebok. The latter of which I am still using.
  8. I used to wear Vaughn Velocity's back in the day with tight leg channels. After switching to the RBK Premier II's, I've worn Lefevre pads ever since.
  9. I'm shocked to hear that CCM had a size 6.5 boot in a size 8 holder. I'm not a CCM rep, nor do I work in the industry, but my understanding is that cowlings always fit the size of the boot and any variation, if any, would be half sizes (and even that I doubt). I don't understand why the store you visited had the mismatching skates that you tried on. (The visual I am picturing of the mismatching cowlings looks quite ridiculous.) What I can say is my size 9 AS1's have cowlings that perfectly fit the stock boot. But if you prefer the Grab cowlings, generally, you may want to consider the mod disc
  10. I have no idea whether it's available at retail or not, but you're certainly right that it can be done as a DIY mod.
  11. I'm not sure I can answer your question because I do not have custom AS1's. I bought the stock size that fit me before CCM announced a custom option. As far as the size skate I have, the cowling does in fact match the size of the boot. If I understand your question correctly, you prefer the size of the skate blade on Graf cowlings compared to traditional cowlings which extend slightly beyond the heel and toe of the skate. I doubt ordering custom AS1's would change that. Your best bet would be to put Graf cowlings on the AS1 boot, but then you'd be sacrificing the attack angle unless you can ge
  12. If you want the benefit of a cowling without sacrificing the benefits of the increased attack angles, try the CCM AS1's. Add some Step Steel and it's everything you could ask for.
  13. @bfast, you should take comfort in knowing that all goalies---even the pros---give up bad goals, or goals they should or could have had. It's not unique to you or anyone else. If you keep water on your net, you can do what Miikka Kiprusoff (if I remember correctly) used to do after giving up any goal. He would turn around and face his net, squeeze water into his mouth, and close his eyes and think about everything that led to that goal being scored. Then, he would spit out the water, along with all of those negative thoughts, and turn around and start fresh. Many goalies have routines lik
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