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  1. @seagoal yeah I just really wanted to do something different. I knew I wanted a black base and the rest was just me messing with different color combos until I found something I liked.
  2. First in a long time. My last set of customs was a set of one100/rx10 that I hated so I just tried different off the shelf stuff since then. Decided that I had a good idea of what I wanted when the EF4s came out so I pulled the trigger.
  3. wox33

    CCM EF4

    10 weeks to the day. Will get real pics once I get home from work.
  4. That should be a fun first skate. I went from 9k to one100 before going to cowling less so I got a little step in between with the vertexx cutout and taller steel. That first skate with my original pair of 1X was definitely noticeable. In a good way but it did take about half the first skate to really get comfortable with how close I could get my foot to the ice.
  5. That was me. My feet were hurting too much to wait for any of the new models to be in stock so I just went with a better fitting pair of 1Xs.
  6. wox33

    CCM EF4

    I ordered a few weeks before Teezle and was quoted 10-12 weeks so I must've got in before orders got really bad since I was hearing 8 weeks just days before I submitted my order. That or GM hasn't been making their payments to CCM.
  7. wox33

    Removing Pad Logos

    Acetone will definitely get rid of screened on logos but it is really hard on the Jenpro. It basically melts the logo off and takes the shine off what's underneath. On old Vaughn logos you could sometimes heat them with a hair dryer and almost peal them but the newer ones seem to be on better. I've gone the acetone route in the past and while it did take the logos off you could tell the area that was in contact with it was going to wear quicker than everywhere else so I would strongly advise against it.
  8. Yeah I haven't seen much of anyone complain about those units with the beef up kits. They do add a decent bit of bulk to the unit but the stock unit is very light so it still isn't too bad. I planned on going with one of those until I realized I wasn't facing a lot of super hard shots anymore so total mobility was key for me.
  9. I'd probably find something with stronger arms then the Vaughn unit then. Unless you get the beefed up version.
  10. I 100% agree that it is pretty easy to tell who is being bias. But I, like you it seems, have been around forums and message boards for a long time and have that radar for what BS and what's not. Some people don't and do blindly make buying decisions (or their parents) off of things people like Trav4 says in his videos. None of that is going on here and the mod team does a good job of keeping things pretty clean. My suggestion was just about the changing in how gear manufactures are doing their advertising as the stuff isn't just going to pros and reps anymore. They are taking online influencers and using them as cheap advertising. It's not a bad thing and like I said in previous posts I'm fine with however it's handled here. I was just making the point that there is a lot more free gear out there than before and it's good to be aware of that fact.
  11. Yeah...my entire point. I literally referenced those requests that people who work for hockey stores/companies be identified as to not show bias. I was pointing out how this was should be treated the same if that's really what people wanted. But it's pretty obvious that its not.
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