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  1. I would say my butterfly is pretty average as well and it hasn't been an issue. Honestly I really like straight pads so if they had the no precurve option like they do on the Premier 2 I probably would've gotten that. Double break pads just get too flimsy above the knee for my liking and I like how single outter break pads look more than anything.
  2. You can make it tighter or looser but it doesn’t go up or down. It’s really bad placement as @Aquilzz stated right across the calf. I started wearing it looser and as low as possible and it’s been fine. It just doesn’t anchor the way the RRC does. When I first wore them I had it tight and it was really uncomfortable but now I don’t even notice it.
  3. And realistically I knew most of them were going to be there when I ordered. I just could never get comfortable in the new Bauer stuff and I was less than impressed with the Vaughn set I had so going to something I knew worked for me was my biggest want even if there were some minor shortcomings. The new Axis line has me intrigued even though I will need to keep these in play for a couple more years or I might get smothered in my sleep.
  4. No kidding. Every set that I see on there has multiple leather straps. I get that most of them are pro returns and those guys don't like change but I feel like eliminating useless straps is a no brainer especially when you can get new elastics whenever you want at those levels
  5. I haven't paid much attention to Darcy since Minnesota let him go but when he was there he seemed to be really streaky and always good for a soft goal at least once a game. He also let the other team get in his head a lot and always seemed to be jawing with someone at all times. But if he's cleaned some of that up I can see how he would be a viable starter.
  6. So, it's been about three months and 30+ skates so I figured it would be a good time to do a quick update to my initial review and update the durability and playability of my Eflex 4 set. Pads Overall these pads are a good fit for my game but there are a few things that I don’t like about them. Pros : Lightweight – this is the lightest CCM pads I have ever used and when on the ice they don’t feel all that much heavier than my old 1X set Construction – these are put together extremely well and there are a lot of small details didn’t exist on previous versions that really make it feel like a top-level pad Seal – the reduction in those squeaky goals compared to the Vapors I used previously has been noticeable and I always feel stable in the butterfly Boot flex – I really like a soft boot and a stiff upper pad and these are about as perfect of a combo as I have used. The boot flexes like a Vaughn but still holds its shape in the thigh rise Cons: Strapping – This isn’t a major complaint and most of the strapping is good but the placement of the RRC style strap is too low and goes straight across the calf instead of behind the knee and I really don’t like it. I also would’ve liked if they extended the loop for the nylon strap out a bit from the side of the pad, so it was easier to thread through Rebounds – I would’ve liked if the Max rebound stuff they used in the Premier line was available on these as I do like a livelier rebound than these offer Sliding – In my opinion Speedskin doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t make it any worse but 2 mins into any skate and they slide the same as regular Jenpro Glove No real complaints with the glove other than it took a bit longer than expected to break in with a game ready palm but now that it is it feels great. Didn’t have a chance to put it on a scale compared to my EF3 glove but it feels similar. Only palm stinger I’ve had was a close-range shot caught me in the crease of the palm down by my pinky otherwise palm protection has been great. Nothing I would change about this glove though I would like to give a 580 break a go since I used one of those back in high school. Blocker Lefevre blockers have always been a personal favorite and this one is no different. This is my first one with the fingertip protection and I’m glad they finally added it as it has saved me a few times. The new wrist strap is also great and much better than the old Velcro one. I don’t like the full cuff option and if I could re-order, I would just do the half as it feels a bit tight. I would also like to see them offer a layer of something in the board to make shots pop off a bit harder. Durability So far I have no real durability concerns. There is a tiny spot of wear on one of the knee landings and one of the eyelets on the face of the glove has a small rip in it. Otherwise if I cleaned them up they would look close to new. Final Thoughts This set has been very close to what I would consider a perfect set as any issues I have had are minor and nothing is game changing on the ice. I can confidently say I if I went back in time, I would order these again. If you want a pad that plays softer without ever feeling sloppy or mushy then I don’t think you can go wrong with these.
  7. Sewing is one of the easier things to do as long as you use a heavy duty thread so it holds. And if you go to sell it you can just use a seam ripper and the arms are back to the stock length.
  8. You can mess with the velcro on the back to kind of bring the top of the shoulder floaters down and in which in turn will bring the arms up a little bit higher. Other than that if you know someone who can sew you just pinch the top of the arm up and sew in a line to shorten them. I've been debating doing that on my VE8 since I have the same issue as you with it getting in the way of my glove sometimes but I'm also looking at trying to find a new spec chest protector to try out so I haven't gone through with it yet.
  9. Well if you didn’t get it someone else just did. I was going to send an offer but it’s sold.
  10. Same here lol. I’ve googled about as much as I can and can’t seem to find CCMs size chart as it pertains to their fit sizes.
  11. I saw that one as well but I thought fit 3 was large and not xl. I’d like to know who it was made for since that would give a more accurate size since I’m interested in trying one of these nhl spec units out.
  12. wox33

    CCM EF4

    Looks like the underside of the boot is as well. I'm pretty sure that's normally jenpro on the retail offering as well.
  13. wox33

    CCM EF4

    @seagoal also judging by the printed CCM branding on the back these aren't a retail set so they could be EF4s in graphic only depending on what the person who ordered them wanted.
  14. wox33

    CCM EF4

    It looks odd to me. Maybe it's the lighting in the pic but it looks the like block is wrapped in nylon instead of jenpro. Mine have a very slight indentation in that same spot but I think the jenpro can hold it's structure better than nylon can so you don't really notice it. Almost like its fabric glued to the block in the corner.
  15. wox33

    CCM EF4

    You would probably just need to figure out a way to keep the calf wrap from flopping around. Since on the strapless pads the big nylon strap is between the calf wrap and the inner landing area and it keeps everything in place more than it secures the pad to the leg. As those are you could probably just remove all the straps but that one that's looping through the wrap and you would be fine.
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