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  1. Just smalls left now. I would have to think that is a mistake since they have the optik 2 listed for less than the optik. That along with a new release being on clearance is against MAP so Brian's might not be happy about this. Let us know if they actually honor it and ship it.
  2. I used the Warrior double cup for a couple years before recently switching to the latest Bauer Supreme and would recommend either one of those. If you tuck your chest go with the Bauer as I had to cut the top piece off the Warrior to stop my chest from interfering with it otherwise they are both very comfortable and I never had any issues getting hit in them.
  3. I have to second this as well. I was tempted to grab another one when these first dropped in price since my original was a pro return so I wanted to see if there might be a difference but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Though I have seen plenty of good reviews on it so hopefully it works out for you bunny as I really wanted mine to work.
  4. The images on the Axis chest protector look interesting. The belly segmentation looks very different. Not a fan of the massive looking shoulder floaters though.
  5. Oddly enough I was able to go back to a different leg pad haha. I really did like the whole super stiff core and soft break but for some reason or another I could never get a good five hole seal and was getting a lot of cheap ones squeaking in so I went back to a Eflex. I do really miss those hard rebounds though.
  6. I've been looking high and low for the last few months and have come up empty as well. Not sure what the deal is on them.
  7. Just make sure to ask about the smell. The last used chesty I bought looked great in pics and smelled like someone died in it. Last time I buy one of those used.
  8. I have no idea. The last one I had was a RX10 version that was one of my favorite gloves. Now that they are making their own stuff and not ghosting for Bauer you'd think they would make you anything they have the molds for but that may not be the case.
  9. Whoever from Vaughn told you this does not know what they are talking about. I had the PVE1 glove and it was the most awkward glove I had ever used. I tried on multiple VE8s in both 1 and 2 piece and neither of those were the same as the PVE. I will agree with everyone saying the VE8 2-piece feels the most similar to the 5500 though but I still don't think its exactly the same. But being as Vaughn still makes it I don't know why you would just buy one from them or ask JRZ to whip one up for you since their clone has always been the closest to the original in my opinion.
  10. wox33

    Brand loyalty

    I think the binding on my blocker would do me in. So much anti binding around here haha
  11. I would say my butterfly is pretty average as well and it hasn't been an issue. Honestly I really like straight pads so if they had the no precurve option like they do on the Premier 2 I probably would've gotten that. Double break pads just get too flimsy above the knee for my liking and I like how single outter break pads look more than anything.
  12. You can make it tighter or looser but it doesn’t go up or down. It’s really bad placement as @Aquilzz stated right across the calf. I started wearing it looser and as low as possible and it’s been fine. It just doesn’t anchor the way the RRC does. When I first wore them I had it tight and it was really uncomfortable but now I don’t even notice it.
  13. And realistically I knew most of them were going to be there when I ordered. I just could never get comfortable in the new Bauer stuff and I was less than impressed with the Vaughn set I had so going to something I knew worked for me was my biggest want even if there were some minor shortcomings. The new Axis line has me intrigued even though I will need to keep these in play for a couple more years or I might get smothered in my sleep.
  14. No kidding. Every set that I see on there has multiple leather straps. I get that most of them are pro returns and those guys don't like change but I feel like eliminating useless straps is a no brainer especially when you can get new elastics whenever you want at those levels
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