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  1. Like the above posters stated you really need to try a mask on to tell if it's going to fit. But as someone with a wide head that has tried them both on the VTX in a fit 3 felt great to me but there was no size of the CCM that felt good. It was way too narrow in the brow area.
  2. wox33

    new phone case

    Pretty much. I keep buying them since I hate bulky cases and convince myself that since they are Apple they will totally last longer than some off brand version when I know full well that isn't true.
  3. wox33

    new phone case

    It has the same problem that the silicon ones have. At least they have for me. The bottom corners get caught on stuff and the break easily since it's just a thin piece of plastic with leather wrapped around it. I haven't had the peeling of the silicon yet but I have only had this one on for a few months and the corner already breaking. I used the thinnest lifeproof on my last iPhone and if I recall it didn't add too much bulk and lasted a long time.
  4. wox33

    CCM EF4

    Nice. I used mine the first night I got them and really didn't have any issues. The glove is a little stiff out of the box but that's about it. I'm really liking my set so far.
  5. @Aquilzz after using my pads a few more times and messing with the strapping I’ve got them pretty well dialed in. I had to put the quick motion just snug enough that it didn’t feel like it was moving and then do the knee to calf strap a bit tighter than I was. Now I don’t have much of an issue. It’s still not as comfortable as the RRC was but I barely even notice it.
  6. @TheGoalNet so I was going to mention something about the quick motion when I did my review but since you brought it up. I really really really wish they would’ve mounted it like two inches higher. After coming from a true RRC strap that hits directly behind the knee and kinda contours to the top of the calf I feel the quick motion hits too much across the back of my calf. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but I thought the Vaughn strap was more comfortable. Otherwise I think the strapping is great and I really like the materials they added to prevent premature wear in spots that could catch on the Velcro.
  7. Yeah it's not like they slide poorly or anything. It's just a noticeable difference from clean ice to slushy ice. At least with the way CCM pads play they stay stable and flat to the surface even when the ice is poor. I was having a ton of issues with my Vaughn's getting stuck and twisting late in games which was really getting on my nerves.
  8. I can also attest that the Warrior Ritual cup is a tank. I've taken a number of direct hits and not felt anything and it is very comfortable. I did have to remove the top part of it as the way it comes out from the waist interfered when tucking my chest protector in, but once I did that I have had zero issues with it.
  9. I have to agree with this 100%. The Speedskin feels great when getting on the ice after a zam and does seem to slide a bit better than normal material but the second it starts to slush up it's back to just like normal jenpro. And like you said there were a couple times when I hadn't cleared the snow well enough that it felt like I was sticking to the ice.
  10. wox33


    Haha, that sounds like half the guys I play with these days.
  11. wox33


    Well he seems to like flavored water so the Coors does make sense.
  12. Yeah I plan to give them a couple months since I’m only on the ice at most 2 times a week.
  13. I was in a full set of Vaughn PVE Carbons that I ended up swapping the gloves out for CCMs as I just didn’t like the Vaughn’s. Before that I was wearing a set of Vapor 1X. The EF4s seem to be a nice happy medium between the two hence why I was comfortable going custom with these. I’d say write it up as there are never enough reviews and different view points on pads out there.
  14. So I just got my new Eflex 4s in and was able to use them the night they came in so I figured I would throw up a quick initial thoughts post so I can do a full review after some more ice time. I ordered these through Goalie Monkey on April 8th and they took exactly 10 weeks to show up at my door. I don't think I would go with them again for a custom order but to their credit everything came in the correct specs and colors. Pads In the past I have worn 34 whenever I was using a Lefevre product but on these I decided to go with a 33+2 and I am glad I did. I was falling off low in my Vaughn's and with these I hit dead center on the stack and never slipped off either way. I went with single internal/single external with the deep soft boot. I wish you could do straight angle with the Eflex instead of precurved but these aren't too bad and I like the look of a single external break the best. The strapping is the stock elastic with the tight leg channel. I did get the removable outer flap and the behind the ankle removable boot strap just so I had the options just in case. These took me about 20 mins on the ice to get fully comfortable in but they are much closer to what I like compared to the Vaughn PVE's I was in. They are super easy to move in and seal to the ice amazingly and the rebounds were closer to what I wanted compared to the PVEs. Can't comment on the speedskin as the ice was awfully sloppy as it was humid out but it was still easier to move than it was in the Vaughns. Glove Glove is a 590 break with game ready palm. Seriously considered going back to the 580 since it seems everyone is jumping back on that train and I used one back in high school but I recall having issues shooting with that break and I didn't want to hate something that cost as much as this. Went with the stock double t with skate lace and the standard wrist strap. Also did the intermediate insides on this one and I really like the snug feel of it over my Eflex 3. Break in was okay but it still needs some work as I used it mainly just to block that first night but it will break in and be fine like every 590 I've used prior. I did like that they moved the hand straps on the inside to much more comfortable positions so you can really tighten it without causing discomfort. Blocker On the blocker I went with the straight finger protection which I personally feel is the best option they have as it protects well and doesn't get in the way like the curved used to for me. If I could do it again I would go with the half cuff instead of the full as I really don't feel like you can get it open enough. Otherwise the blocker is great and feels a good bit lighter than the Premier 1 I have been using. I also got it with binding since I think blockers look the best with binding.
  15. Ah, I just got done using those same pads. There's not much room if you loop the RRCs so you'd have to carry them from there instead of say over the shoulder. I used the bootstraps until just buying a bigger bag that fit everything since there isn't a nice attachment point anywhere on them that wont stretch out elastic over time.
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