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  1. My Deadpool mask. I know Spider-Mans' head looks like an alien in the photo but it's just the shape of the mask and the angle it's at. Looks normal in real life.
  2. I bought a Bauer 961 because it was readily available and fits me like a glove. And the padding...so comfy! I plan on getting a protechsport but the wait time is very long and, more specifically in my case, making a head mold is an issue. I'm going to have to do it by myself which is a pain in the ass and isn't easy. And that's the only reason I've been putting it off. But generally it's the head mold and wait times that put people in other masks. And some just like the shape.
  3. The shell only of my Bauer 960 XPM weighs 632 grams. The size is S/M, and that weight is without cage, hardware, foam padding, straps, paint (other than the white factory) or backplate.
  4. I was agreeing with both of you. I'm not really sure what's happening here. For the record, I don't think the NME are bad masks in any way ( non-plastic ones/pro). I don't think the shell shape of the chin had anything to do with their injuries as they were both hit in the chin from a frontal shot. Most masks are shaped almost identically at the very center, above and below the cage. A hard shot in those places will be felt no matter what. If their masks (NME, 961, CCM, whatever) fit properly and were worn properly I doubt they would have been injured in the way they were. As a side note, I really dislike painting NME masks and 961-style masks in general. All those sharp ridges make masking graphics a pain in the butt. Freehanding, they're fine but any stencil work is a drag. That's a big reason why I love my Sportmask Razor: soft lines everywhere!
  5. Totally agree!!! Sorry, I didn't read back far enough. You and I seem to think alike and generally agree anyway.
  6. Totally agree with @Hills. Bishops' injuries are a direct result of how he wears his mask and not because it's an NME.
  7. The goalie that told me that played NHL and dealt with him in the '90s so a lot has probably changed. I'd kill to be his apprentice. Sometimes I think I'm decent but then I see his work and think 'no, I suck'.
  8. I've seen a couple of masks painted by her up close up and all of the details and highlights were brushed on. And neither of those were clearcoated either, which I found strange. Her work tends to have a brush look to it because she's not a true airbrush artist like Cipra is. Her designs have always had a stenciled look with minimal airbrushing (mostly just fades). It's almost like she's a holdover from the Harrison era of mask painting, with bold designs and minimal colours. And while she was never one of my favourites, her Hextall Quebec polar bear mask remains one of my top five favourite designs. Cipra is just amazing! I could live 1000 years and never be that good. Although I was told that he was a very flaky guy to deal with. Always delays with him, even if you were in the NHL.
  9. Have you tried contacting Sportmask directly? I know they won't sell direct but they can tell you where to get one. Any of the US retailers should be able to order you one from Sportmask. I had to have London Source for Sports order my Razor cheater cage from Sportmask, but I don't know if they can still do that. I think they can, as Sportmask told me that although they no longer sell CSA approved Razors, they can still be ordered through any Canadian retailer who normally stocks Sportmasks.
  10. Carbon fiber is very rigid and shatters when impacted, more so than fiberglass or kevlar. You don't want a mask or helmet to be too stiff because that will transfer the energy of an impact directly to the liner/padding. TitanG is right about the strength to weight ratio, as carbon fiber is a way to get a lighter mask while still having protection (when used with kevlar/fiberglass). And it just looks cool.
  11. I don't think that happened just because it's an NME 10. I would think it would have to do more with how the mask sits on his head/face just because most masks are pretty much the same shape nowadays. It looked like a compression cut and I think that based on where the puck hit (left eyebrow), he would have been cut no matter what mask he had on. He seems to have a fair amount of bad luck with shots to his head, too. I remember he got the bridge on his front teeth knocked out last year. All of this is just my opinion, though.
  12. Just my Brian's G-Netik pads, VH skates and Sportmask Razor and Mage. The rest of my gear is just standard stuff. I'm saving up for a Passau chesty, and breast cancer-themed Brian's pads and gloves. I hate that my Vaughn gloves don't match.
  13. Just a generic Leafs design to be raffled off for charity at a fundraiser put on by one of my leagues.
  14. I really like Sportmasks, wearing a Razor and a Mage. Having said that, I just bought a Bauer 960, which also fits very nicely. Go with whatever fits best. Another possible option would be to get a protechsport with a certified cage and then just wear your Hackva backplate with it? I'm assuming your backplate has the CSA sticker on it.
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