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  1. I have a really old, beat pair of Maltese knee pads if your still looking.
  2. I have the optik in the senior size and it was really really big, I can’t use it yet because it’s so big so I got the bauer one instead and I’m 5” 9’. I can go take a picture next to something to show you how big it really is if you give me a few minutes.
  3. I sent you a direct message on Instagram, I’m fairly certain that you don’t run it though. I’ll give you a call later today.
  4. I’ve been playing for around 13 years so yes, I get it. I just haven’t had one actually snap on me before like this one did. I wasn’t concerned too much about the bending but then I saw the cage actually broke and that just seemed like it shouldn’t happen.
  5. How does this happen. This is used for 5 months at the most and I’ve taken maybe 10 head shots. The only ones that broke it and bent it were prep/junior kids I know this for a fact because I always check my mask and after checking it after this camp it has all the damages. I mean I can’t be replacing a cage every shot I get to the mask from prep/junior kids. I know masks are supposed to bend and stuff but I’m not gonna buy a new one every three months. Eventually the amount of cages ive bought will outweigh how much I spent on the actual mask. Anyone know of any higher quality replacement cages for the 960 pro model or if coveted sells any?
  6. Okay thanks, I sort of figured that I just wanted to make sure as they are a custom mold and I didn’t know if that would change anything, I guess not. Thanks again!
  7. Okay thanks, I bought them from an equipment sale and tried them on before buying. They fit perfectly and it was really weird but I still wanna get them baked. I’m pretty sure my local hockey shop will bake them though!
  8. Does anyone know if you can bake custom two piece skates, I recently purchased some and just wondering if you can bake them?
  9. Yes, that is what I meant. I didn’t mean cowlings. My bad
  10. I have this problem with my 1s skates too. On my skates it’s just the blades moving around side to side and somewhat forwards and backwards. I am 100% sure they are pushed all the way in too. I’m thinking I might just need to get new blade holders so they are tight again. I’m thinking this could possibly be your issue as well.
  11. My 1s did this, took around 10 or so skates for me to feel comfortable with them, mainly on the ankles. Did you get your skates baked?
  12. Put it on sideline swap, more serious buyers on there.
  13. I have the ccm premier pro chesty without the d30 in the arms. It’s very protective, alghigh maybe not as much in the belly area. I tuck mine in and I have triple protection there from a little of my cup, my chest protector, and pants. I’m not sure if that protection would change if he didn’t tuck his into his pants. I came a warrior chest protector and the premier was definitely heavier but I definitely accustomed to it over time. Definitely had less than my warrior and took a while to get to used to like the weight. Definitely try on the chesty with the pants though when buying the chest protector.
  14. By best I meant light, comfortable, and design features(first impressions). I tried to explain that in the next sentences but I worded it wrong, doesn’t sound like an opinion after I’m reading it again like I anted it to. Although, I did get it on the ice today. The major thing that I noticed was how much faster I was able to track the puck due to the light weight. It took a little bit to get used to at first because I was in a certified cat eye previously and this is a straight bar. After maybe 30 minutes I adjusted to it. I got one straight to the cage. My ears were ringing for maybe 5 seconds compared to the nme 7 which could ring for up to a minute.
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