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  1. Anyone have any idea what the turnover time is on procustom orders?
  2. When you say this what do you mean by post integration? I am assuming you mean rvh but in what ways would they be different compared to one other-about to order my set soon and I feel as though I would prefer the ultrasonic knee block better but wondering what the hyperlite knee block would provide me better with in rvh or perhaps what different feel would it give?
  3. What’s the difference between the two knee blocks? Probably getting a set of these just not sure which would benefit me better. Same with I’m not sure if I want stuff or soft, have the 2x pros right now and I like farther rebounds, is the extra stuff the route to go?
  4. Sounds good, probably will wait until these come out then rather than hopping on the ultrasonics
  5. Any idea when these will come out?
  6. I honestly never knew they sold retail units, might have to look into that. Thank you!
  7. I would if I could but my old chest protector doesn’t fit me and I really need one as soon as possible so I can break it in for the next season. I could be using that production time for a custom unit on breaking it in. Also, I don’t know how I feel about ordering a custom chest protector with not being able to actually try it on beforehand.
  8. That was the other thing I had questions about is whether to get the g5 or gt2. I know you had a g4 but they seem very similar design wise. I was struggling to find the differences between the two, could you perhaps list a few? Thank you!
  9. Is one more protective or more mobile would you say?
  10. Really strongly considering getting a ritual g5 pro chest protector. Anybody have any bad experiences with their chest protectors? Also, what’s the difference between the “+” model and the “regular” model? It seems as if they’re mobility and protection is amazing compared to other chest protectors. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  11. Hey anyone have any experience with this chest protector. As far as how mobile the arms are and how protective it is?
  12. Definitely not, I just shouldn’t be getting that bad of a stinger from a pro level chest protector. I think I’m gonna go for a Ccm axis chest protector.
  13. Second time on the ice was yesterday, ended up with even more stingers on my arms from not so high level players. Everywhere else it’s protected extremely well besides the arms. The arms are also very weird and can get stuck on the shoulder flaps. Blocker saves were already one of my weaknesses but now it’s even worse. It felt like I couldn’t stop anything high blocker and was getting beat there all day. Going to try to return it and get a different chest protector, extremely disappointed with bauer on this chest protector.
  14. Used it on the ice yesterday for the first time! Ended up with one light “stinger”. I felt it for maybe 3 seconds but the pains went away very quickly. It was on the forearm area where I sort of expected would be the worst place protection wise. The shot was from a 20 year old though who plays in the nahl and is playing d3 next year. So I would say It’s definitely protective enough for me! Extremely comfortable and easy to get used to. I thought the arms would take forever to get used to, only thing that’s different is how it fits on me. I had the ccm premier pro(2017 I think) and the body was way too wide around me so I’m used to having space around my chest. On the bauer it fits snug which I definitely prefer. Have to play around with the tucking and shoulder strap options though as there are many ways to do it. As well as I may do more adjustments on the shoulders!
  15. I ended up purchasing an ultrasonic chest protector. It felt protective and fit me well compared to a lot of other chest protectors on the market. I’m 5 10 and around 140 pounds so I often find chest protectors are too wide around my chest/waist area. Probably the best fitting I’ve felt for a chest protector and the mobility on it was insane. I’ll provide updates on the protection of it!
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