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  1. I was thinking about it but I didn’t know how well the sweat absorption was on it.
  2. I sweat a lot and don’t really know what to get. I didn’t like the monster hockey ones. Just wondering what other options may be for heavy sweaters.
  3. I’m a goalie but I got this all figured out. It was like at the bottom of the tongue it was hurting the top of my foot. I had the slim/thin / lightweight tongue, whatever it’s called. It was just too tight but it’s fine now I figured out how to tie it to make it not hurt my feet.
  4. I have two piece w a vertex holder. I’m sort of deciding between the t guard and the standard. I don’t really know what the t guard is though and can’t find any information on it.
  5. What are the differences between the true tongues? I have the slim ones right now and they hurt the tops of my feet even though I got them baked. What tongue should I get? Also, is there a difference between the player tongues and the goalie tongues?
  6. I have a really old, beat pair of Maltese knee pads if your still looking.
  7. I have the optik in the senior size and it was really really big, I can’t use it yet because it’s so big so I got the bauer one instead and I’m 5” 9’. I can go take a picture next to something to show you how big it really is if you give me a few minutes.
  8. I sent you a direct message on Instagram, I’m fairly certain that you don’t run it though. I’ll give you a call later today.
  9. I’ve been playing for around 13 years so yes, I get it. I just haven’t had one actually snap on me before like this one did. I wasn’t concerned too much about the bending but then I saw the cage actually broke and that just seemed like it shouldn’t happen.
  10. How does this happen. This is used for 5 months at the most and I’ve taken maybe 10 head shots. The only ones that broke it and bent it were prep/junior kids I know this for a fact because I always check my mask and after checking it after this camp it has all the damages. I mean I can’t be replacing a cage every shot I get to the mask from prep/junior kids. I know masks are supposed to bend and stuff but I’m not gonna buy a new one every three months. Eventually the amount of cages ive bought will outweigh how much I spent on the actual mask. Anyone know of any higher quality replacement cages for the 960 pro model or if coveted sells any?
  11. Okay thanks, I sort of figured that I just wanted to make sure as they are a custom mold and I didn’t know if that would change anything, I guess not. Thanks again!
  12. Okay thanks, I bought them from an equipment sale and tried them on before buying. They fit perfectly and it was really weird but I still wanna get them baked. I’m pretty sure my local hockey shop will bake them though!
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