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  1. I tell you what, this is the best vehicle for sports stories. The player writes his or her own article without questions from a reporter. We’ve seen many great articles now where the player directing the story is way better than if a sportswriter was interviewing them.
  2. Is there a certain point where European players no longer clamor for the NHL and decide playing in Europe is the better option? You mention the looming lockout and the North American style of play. I’d throw in some lingering xenophobia from the old guard who dispise anything not Canadian (*cough* Don Cherry *cough*). Not to mention the never ending rules changes to help offense which would make it harder for goalies. Just wonder if we’ll see fewer guys coming over.
  3. I’m not someone who didn’t wear kneepads then went to them. I’ve always worn them. I think I tried without once and I hated the way my knees felt. It was almost like my kneecaps were being twisted when I dropped down. To the OP’s point, I wear them more to cushion my knees for when I drop rather than for puck protection. Although, I am glad to have them in case I do ever get hit, which I never do for some reason. I wear PAW knee pads with the garter belt. Nothing over them. I wear short under armor shorts and long under armor socks so the knee area is bare underneath the kneepads. . No slippage of the kneepads.
  4. Wow the Red Wings are bad. It might as well have been a beer league team. Canadiens players weren’t even celebrating by the end after each goal. Howard should say, “Trade me right $&@*ing now!”
  5. At the Red Wings game tonight. Watched warm ups and was on the Canadiens end. Here’s a few of Price and Niemi.
  6. You best get some soap and a rag, because that blocker is FILTHY. In other words you robbed ‘em blind with that thing. Regarding pads, many goalies who’ve been around for a while struggle to adjust to newer pads. Sometimes the older gear is just better suited to their game. For those guys who aren’t interested in updating the methods they use on the ice, I think it’s better to stick with the old pads, especially if the pads still feel fine and aren’t falling apart. If they need to be replaced, looking for older pads in good condition is one option or having a small manufacturer like Brown or Kenesky build a set to the old shape and feel would be another option. Also, with new style pads, often those used to old style pads will put the pads on far too tight. You’re especially going to cause hip, ankle and knee issues if you tie the toe-ties tight. They either need to have 1-2” of slack or use a modern device like Prolaces that provide elasticity that saves your joints. It’s amazing how strapping adjustments can have a massive affect.
  7. Hopefully I don’t bother the opposing goalie. I like to lean against the crossbar with my arms resting on it when the play is at the other end. I do it to relax and conserve energy for when I need it. I’m also centered in the net and tap the buttend of the stick on the post as I step out to address the oncoming attack. I started doing this back when I was playing almost every night and needed to find ways to conserve energy. If I was tall enough I might even jump up on the top of the goal and sit there like that picture of Kari Lehtonen from many years ago. 😜
  8. This is our girl, Sultan. She’s the boss. We let her do whatever she wants as long as we can give her 1000 kisses.
  9. Also keep in mind it can be hard to understand anything you say because of the mask. I also play out, often defense and many times I have no idea what the goalie is saying because his voice is muffled by the mask or I’m moving or the direction he’s facing or the direction I’m facing. So sometimes it’s a lost cause, similar to how a shouting coach often gets tuned out. Visual instruction can be helpful if your player is looking at you.
  10. My point is with metrics and statistical analysis prevalent in sports now, can they find out what has worked well and what hasn’t in each scenario and determine an acceptable level of failure versus optimum performance. In hockey I hear too much, “it looks like to me,” or “I remember this or that.” That’s anecdotal. We need real unrefutable evidence based on research and statistical analysis.
  11. True. However has anyone actually quantified how many bad goals are given up do to overuse of RVH?
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