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  1. WillyGrips13

    Communication with Your Team

    Also keep in mind it can be hard to understand anything you say because of the mask. I also play out, often defense and many times I have no idea what the goalie is saying because his voice is muffled by the mask or I’m moving or the direction he’s facing or the direction I’m facing. So sometimes it’s a lost cause, similar to how a shouting coach often gets tuned out. Visual instruction can be helpful if your player is looking at you.
  2. WillyGrips13

    BAUER Nike Supreme ONE95 Pro Leg Pads SR 34” plus

    I sold these on evilbay.
  3. WillyGrips13

    RVH under fire lately

    My point is with metrics and statistical analysis prevalent in sports now, can they find out what has worked well and what hasn’t in each scenario and determine an acceptable level of failure versus optimum performance. In hockey I hear too much, “it looks like to me,” or “I remember this or that.” That’s anecdotal. We need real unrefutable evidence based on research and statistical analysis.
  4. WillyGrips13

    RVH under fire lately

    True. However has anyone actually quantified how many bad goals are given up do to overuse of RVH?
  5. WillyGrips13

    Need recommendation on used pads

    Thank you for mentioning my pads. I didn’t want to do it myself. ☺️
  6. WillyGrips13

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    It’s nice to see the women’s goalie world using colors on their equipment. 👍
  7. WillyGrips13

    Broken Collarbone thanks to Brown.

    I think we need to walk this whole debate back a bit. The OP is understandably upset because of a serious injury that has real life consequences. He didn’t do anything wrong to get this injury. He has some accurate observations on the John Brown Hockey company. Such as, they were behind the curve in terms of innovation (They innovated early on with mask making and chest and arm design), they aren’t heavily represented professionally (Except for a niche in the KHL) especially in the NHL and their neck protector didn’t protect him. However, the Injury occurred because of a design flaw in the integrated neck guard. Said neck guard is merely a thick soft foam ring that is attached only by unpadded material (vinyl?). Brown seems to be the only manufacturer that includes an integrated neck guard as an option on their units. Perhaps the other manufacturers realized that the only effective way to protect the collarbone and neck/throat area was to have a separate unit. Brown also has a separate neck guard as an accessory. Maybe they should inform the consumer that the integrated neck guard is not as protective as the separate neck guard. Or they can discontinue altogether the integrated neck guard and sell the separate neck guard only. Furthermore, the actual Brown chest and arm unit is quite robust and is often cited as the most protective in the industry albeit the heaviest and hottest to wear. In other words, had this shot, or any shot for that matter, actually hit the chest and arm unit itself there wouldn’t have been an injury. Likely there wouldn’t have been any pain whatsoever. I’m pretty sure that covers the whole discussion. Phew. I need to catch my breath.
  8. WillyGrips13

    RVH under fire lately

    Holtby was using paddle down last night against the Bruins to great effect while looking through legs at a puck that was close by. And you know, he’s pretty good.
  9. Bauer Supreme ONE95 34” plus. 11” wide. Used but in good condition. Little wear. Purchased new circa 2011. Used only sparingly as I have other sets that got more use. Quality construction and materials despite being produced overseas. This is a professional model. Designed as a stiff pad with a flat face. No thigh boards $150USD plus shipping. Located in West Hartford Connecticut 06107 Price negotiable.
  10. WillyGrips13

    Ever Wanted to Actually Fight a Goalie?

    Don’t worry, he’s got a whole lifetime of comeuppance coming his way. Arrogant pricks always think their sh** don’t stink. But they’ll get theirs eventually. Just smile and move along. You being happy in life is better than fighting someone.
  11. WillyGrips13

    What car do you use to haul your gear to games?

    Seriously, me too. But I was out and about today and decided to join in the fun. 2018 Honda CR-V
  12. WillyGrips13

    RVH under fire lately

    I agree. Also goalies do so much moving around while down and I think that contributes to wear on their joints. A lot of the down movement is unnecessary. If there’s no one at all in the corner of the rink and you just directed a shot there, why are you doing a hard butterfly push to the post? Just get up and get to the post while standing while using an appropriate level of urgency.
  13. WillyGrips13

    Rare Setups

    Man when I was learning to play goal on ice, transitioning from street hockey to ice hockey, I wanted to play like this. I was anti-butterfly in those days. I wanted to be the next Hextall or Ranford. Of course, it wasn’t long until I realized how much more efficient butterfly was. I do throw in a move like the save above every once in a while. Hextall was always minus 2 on the pads but plus 2 on the mustache. 😄
  14. WillyGrips13

    Broken Collarbone thanks to Brown.

    This debate makes me wonder, aside from Brown does any other manufacturer offer an integrated neck guard? I’m not talking about a lip in the front. I mean the full neck wraparound that’s connected to the chest and arm. Perhaps it’s time for Brown to retire this feature and recommend their separate neck guard that does have adequate protection. Many pros don’t even use a neck guard and they just chance it, which to me is crazy. I think Lundqvist has a separate neck protector possibly Vaughn.
  15. WillyGrips13

    Broken Collarbone thanks to Brown.

    So I wear the 2100 model. I got it in 2006 and used it exclusively until 2010 when I got a Vaughn 8800 that I couldn’t pass up due to a great price and the desire to try the new spec. I wore that along with a Maltese until this past summer when I went back to the Brown for fun. Due to its age and use some of the elastic was stretched. I got a bruise on my shoulder while wearing this. I realized it was due to the stretched elastic causing the shoulder floaters to drift outward exposing the shoulders to only the softer padding. I decided to use this old leg pad strap to secure the floaters in place. I fed it all the way around the unit. It’s worked well. The unit feels more compact now and the shoulders are consistently covered. I also wonder if it also keeps the chest piece higher to protect the neck area. Knock on wood. Perhaps the OP’s unit needs to be mended or modded if it’s older and the elastic has stretched causing vital components to not integrate and protect properly. Also, despite being a fan and supporter of Brown, I do believe that the integrated neck guard does need a design update to include better padding on the connecting piece. Otherwise it shouldn’t be included and only their separate neck guard should be sold. That one does have adequate padding in the area that caused the OP’s injury.