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  1. maxtm30

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    The new devils third is white based, I think it's the way to go there.
  2. maxtm30

    2S Custom Program

    Maybe, but I work at retail, I knew about the program for a year now, and I don't know anything about more specs being in the program's options.
  3. maxtm30

    2S Custom Program

    So wait for a 2x PRO then, the core will be similar as far as I know, and strapping too
  4. maxtm30

    2S Custom Program

    technically you can get a 1x with a supreme flex profile and boot break, but you don't have cortech st
  5. maxtm30

    CCM Gear

    Holy Sh*t these are absolutely the best set I've seen thus far ? Congrats bud!
  6. maxtm30

    Bauer Gear

    Super glue makes a clear hydrophobic layer over any surfaces you use it on. Perfect to make sure you core stays intact!
  7. maxtm30

    2S Custom Program

    I tried this strapping and I felt it was hindering rotation, a bit what I felt while testing the vapors. I feel the CRS is meant to be loose, hence the stiffer than average calf wrap. Then again, it,s all prefrences, as every other gear piece/spec. I suggested it to many customers though and a lot of said customers liked it, so thanks
  8. maxtm30

    NME VTX Deconstruction

    I can confirm, just received mine with 2 certified wires (I'm Canadian eh!)
  9. maxtm30

    2S vs 1S Updates

    Honestly, I used my set once and the performance is phenomenal. I loved virtually everything. Plus, when I tested the 1s OD1N back in 2016, I absolutely hated it. Everyone should give this line a chance.
  10. maxtm30

    Bauer Gear

    It would never hold as long as you keep the gear; when you flex your pads, every layer compresses or expands depending on it's position relative to the flexion axis. In simpler words, every layer, skin and core foams, move parallel to each other ever so slightly. In the long run, glue would just stop sticking layers together and would be there for absolutely nothing, making it's weight useless. Also, the foams would need to be "glueproof" so they don't absorb it and prevent it from actually working. However, aesthetics are an important part of gear
  11. maxtm30

    Bauer Gear

    Adding that glue isn't a necessity if it's for cosmetic purposes. Therefore, it's weight would be unecessary.
  12. maxtm30

    Bauer Gear

    French Canadian + divorced parents = incredebly weird last names ?. Imagine me in the NHL, the tv announcer would've a hard time saying it
  13. maxtm30

    Bauer Gear

    @coopaloop1234 would be hard to build a pad without any form of lacing, glue couldn't withstand the shear stress that flexing the pads creates. Shear Stress is a force acting inside an object due to a physical deflection or weight, it's what cause the paper to seperate when you tear it in half.
  14. maxtm30

    Bauer Gear

    The reason you see the laces "denting" the pads is because there is very little air betweed the cortech and the core, almost like they pull the air out before sewning everything togheter. I suppose having the laces exposed was the alternative option. Honestly, exposed lacing on a pad this flat would be worse looking than small wrinkes and denting . There are small wrinkles on a few edges close to the bindings and welting area, some set have those on the face of the pad. I guess I got lucky here.