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  1. They are entry level pads... this is why, their usuability life is ending
  2. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    Strapping is mostly the same on the 2x, only diffrence is you can remove the knee flap Yes there is curv in the arms and it is the softest unit on the market as far as I know. This is the best product from Bauer in 2019 if you ask me, and I’ve seen them all.
  3. Your velocity is higher with newer materials with the same effort (FORCE) basically you do not need the push as strong as you needed with jenpro, so you will need less force to balance the momentum, so technically, you still need to create the decelerations, but you mostly aim for the posts when you slide, so there is your brake man!
  4. That sums up pretty much everything in life, pros and cons
  5. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    Didn't notice that, wow the must feel pretty loose 😮
  6. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    The reverted back to something that feels closer to the Reactor 9000, one of the most comfortable unit ever IMO. Most of the tech upgrades the 1x did are still there, they upped the protection a notch and reduced significantly the weight on this gen. Can't wait to get mine (in another colorway 😉)
  7. I've had Eflex 3 with the same problem, i have 2 pairs of 2s (long story) and i have one wiht that, one without. No 2x sets i've seen this far have that though, nor the most recent 2s we've got, so I'd say this is mostly fixed now.
  8. Mid may, around the same time the 2s launched last year. Hopefully the customizer wont be late this year.
  9. I can confirm mine will not, we tried a Blue based set of P1, with silver logos and red and white weave stripes...still on sale, so we ruled out color based gear, since when someone wants something specific, they go custom anyway.
  10. Our shop doesn't hold the Graf line. From my studies in mechanical engineering however, True and Bauer have much much more means to develop their custom tech, and in my opinion, True's tech and materials allow for a much better custom fit. Bauer gets the Curv comp, sheets from Propex, the company that developped Curv in the first place, so all of the skate quarters are produced in normalized size, so the skate's size is a full or half point, whatever is closest to your right/left foot. True skates do not have the performance advantages that the Bauers have, however the make the carbon weave themselves and mold it on a "3D printed footmold" (that might be wrong, it just seems the easiest way to go around the mold production from a 3D scan), so the size of the quarter is adapted to your foot. If you've had graf in the past, I'd go with True. The myBauer fit is exceptionnal, and they officially launch the custom goalie skates this summer with the 2X Pro.
  11. The limit is pretty much that if you skin a 2X Pro glove in a 2S Pro, you will have an upcharge and it'll be branded with the 2X logo. So when myBauer full custom debuts, you better go all out to make it worth your while. Again, all the info we have from bauer about the custom program is vague and contradicts itself a lot, so take everything I said here with a grain of salt, especially since the original launch was supposed to be before 2019. I’m guessing they had a hard time with the Shark teal color, which is the only color nor offered on a the graphic on the 2s Pro
  12. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    Only for tose who might be unsure, the glove is a 2S Pro stock specs (break and back hand backing), only the blocker pictured is 2X Pro
  13. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    Well I work at retail and i saw the line in November, as I said, blocker is stock with a new one piece sidewall, I’ll send you picture on instagram
  14. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    This is stock blocker for the 2x Pro
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