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  1. Gracias. 33.5+2 to compensate for my trash butterfly.
  2. Hockey3081

    G4 Thread

    @Kirk3190 no pics of these? Poster hasn’t been on since 4/27 and I didn’t see them on the IG page.
  3. Not a fan of the metal clips. Popping them off makes me think I’m going to chip the paint. Same with them taking puck impact. Plastic just cracks and you can’t tell on the paint. I would imagine the metal bending and again potentially dinging up your mask. Cost of the plastic is cheap and I always have some spares so I don’t see the reward vs risk.
  4. It’s the Pro Carbon. I have been super impressed.
  5. That is insanely heavy, although I’d be curious how much more weight is added by an XXL versus say a medium. I pulled some weights on my chesties: Medium Passau gen 2 with belly blocks: 6.7 lbs Large Vaughn SLR with medium arms: 6.7 lbs Medium Vaughn VE8 with full beef-up package: 5.7 lbs
  6. Was looking into the Eflex 4 customs but disappointed with how limited they are compared to the Premier. No purple and they cut out the Holtby wedge curve. As an aside what’s the difference between the two Price curves 142-3 vs132-3?
  7. Hockey3081

    2X Pro

    Cool. Great info. Thanks!
  8. Hockey3081

    2X Pro

    So would you compare a 2x to a CR1?
  9. Per the first post, a 25” 2s pro should be a 25” True 6.0. What’s the comparable size in the Eflex 4?
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