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  1. Anyone know how to make templates the way Padstracker did? I’ve been on the hunt for Cooper/Bauer Reactor 5 and Koho 550 potvin setups.
  2. Andy from GMC is a tool and should be ashamed of himself for garbage shells with botched paint jobs that he pays next to nothing for and charges a crazy premium as mentioned above. I'm not going to delve into the whole artistry ripoff because I don't know the actual legality of it but if you're going to make money on replicas, at least offer a product worth your price. The comment about likening ripping off art to child molestation is bonkers. The fact that it was said and then he doubled down per your reply on The Goalieverse is beyond me. I am a big fan of Don and his work, but I cannot believe he hasn't asked you to edit that out. It's really callous, inappropriate and a complete false equivalency.
  3. Isn’t that what the did with the 20.1’s?
  4. +1 for the Vaughn SLR
  5. Sorry. So if I recall, all Bauer sizing (XS-XL, etc) are +1 in the thighrise. People have said in the past that a Brian's +2 is like a +3 in other brands (I can't remember if that was actually measured and proven). So my question is the Bauer +1 on the thigh what you'd consider a true +1 or is it maybe a little taller compared to another brand's +1 or even comparable to a +2. I ask because I'm intrigued by the Bauer stuff (loved the 2x glove), but my butterfly is not wide so I usually wouldn't consider a +1 in any pad.
  6. @TheGoalNet how do you feel about the +1 on these versus other brands? True +1?
  7. @BadAngle41 didn’t you just sell the correct set on Sideline? What happened there?
  8. Unless they stopped from a few years ago, pants were able to be ordered in custom colors.
  9. I got it from TGC. Getting itchy to get a new set but the +1 only concerns me.
  10. Odd that there’s no new pants in the catalog.
  11. I’m hoping I didn’t miss it - what’s the upcharge for pro custom and true design? Does True Design include the PC options?
  12. Gracias. 33.5+2 to compensate for my trash butterfly.
  13. Hockey3081

    G4 Thread

    @Kirk3190 no pics of these? Poster hasn’t been on since 4/27 and I didn’t see them on the IG page.
  14. Not a fan of the metal clips. Popping them off makes me think I’m going to chip the paint. Same with them taking puck impact. Plastic just cracks and you can’t tell on the paint. I would imagine the metal bending and again potentially dinging up your mask. Cost of the plastic is cheap and I always have some spares so I don’t see the reward vs risk.
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