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Pants sizing help

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Hi, I've been lurking around for a while but I never created an account until now. Sorry if I'm in the wrong topic!

I'm 5'5-5'6 with a 33"-34" waist and I've been looking for new pants. I wear 31+2 true pads but I should really be in a 32 because my knee lands near the top of the knee block and sometimes they stick out the top. 

I've found a couple bauer pro pants for good prices, but I've heard they're quite snug and I like to tuck and have room to move around. Should I go with size medium or small if I were to go with bauer? I've also been looking at some CCM HPG12A's but I've never actually seen them or tried them on in person. I've found some medium 12A's but I'm worried they might be too big length wise. I would really appreciate any advice!

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Cannot give any input for the Bauers but for HPG12A I'm able. I have size L for my 5'10 (180cm) and I'm on the nearly too big and of them. Saying I would really comfortably use size M. I would assume that you fit into size S and M would be too long.

For the waist I don't tuck but could easily do so. HPG12A is really barrel shaped and sized so you should have enough room there. My waist is around 32" and the waist size doesn't usually change between pant sizing until XL/XXL. 

But to size you specifically and perfectly for some gear would need exact measurements and a reference table for the gear too. For pants you should measure thigh length etc as we are very differently built and that affects the fit a lot. So being a 5'5 or 6'0 and 150 or 250lbs gives only guidelines.

All that said the best way to fit is to try the gear on, and for pants you should go to a shop with your pads and C/A to try your setup and make it fit. Sure enough the unused gear in the shop rarely fits right away and needs some breaking-in period too.

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