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Catch Glove Sizes and Perimeters


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I was looking at different glove perimeters as I was seeing which gloves I was going to have Dennis Dombrowski build me some cheaters for my NHL legal gloves. As it turns out, I may need to engineer these cheaters myself and have them "prettied up" by Dennis or another builder as our ideas for cheaters are very different! My cheaters will widen the blocking surface of the cuff. 

 It is very interesting what I have come up with as far as catch area and the whole perimeter (as I am just understanding perimeters) and where one designer will sacrifice what to have a legal glove!  I will have photographic evidence upcoming. 

What I noticed was that essentially, many of the modern spec NHL glove is almost the same dimensions that the old-spec Intermediate gloves were. The hand was made bigger, but for the depth and everything, the old spec intermediate is what they did.

The biggest frying pan glove as far as catch width I have is my Heaton Helite Z. That thing is a MONSTER!!!! Crikey! 

However- whilst not being as deep as the Helite Z, a very modern glove that never gets rejected by Kay Whitmore when it does go under his careful inspection is none other than the Factory Mad glove! Mind that it isn't nearly as deep as the Helite Z, but it certainly has enough frying pan to prevent goals, albeit by blocking and deflection on the outer perimeter. The deep, floating T makes up for the lack of depth in the palm.  I did spec mine to open as wide as possible, and Dennis is confident that it would pass NHL scrutiny. I always caught well with this glove, though I had to learn how to catch with it. I am uncertain that this glove needs a cheater added.

My Reebok P4 pro definitely looks like a slightly enlarged Intermediate glove. I definitely think a cheater could benefit me on this glove. I could also probably widen the blocking surface on the cuff area, as well, as I could lace in onto the cuff. 

My Warrior Messiah is a weird, weird glove. It was my first goalie glove. Nothing is normal about that thing. I know that the M3 version was most popular by far. Mine is NOT the M3; it's the M1,which has what Dennis offers as the "one piece/two piece" cuff, meaning it has the single piece of jenpro covering a two piece cuff and thumb junction. It has a wide, but squished catch area. Definitely they were trying to do something different. This glove took Dennis' deft touch in making it somewhat useful. It is definitely a blocking glove more than a catching glove! I can't part with it, as nobody would pay near what I have in it (and I paid more for Dennis to make it over than what I paid for the glove, as I got a brand new glove for around $100). I know PIAS would give me $10 for it and sell it for $40, which is unacceptable. Dennis got rid of the screaming chicken graphics on the back of the hand, as well as a brand new floating T, along with his re-work of the internals. The cuff is TINY on this thing and a weird shape, to boot! A cheater would benefit this the most, and I could build a wild, wild cheater for it (and may!). 

Since I now have quite a few examples of old spec and modern spec gloves, I will be showing examples and drawing outlines of the shapes to compare. 

Stay tuned...


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