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Stretching for Success - Bandits Goalie School for TGN

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Stretching for Success

Bandits Goalie School for The Goal Net

@Joe Messina

If you play goalie, no matter what age or skill level, injuries are bound to happen. For goalies groin injuries, muscle tears, bumps and bruises are evident. This article will focus on the one thing that many goalies lack, flexibility! One might assume that a goaltending needs to be extremely flexible due to the nature of the position. The truth of the matter is athletes rarely take 5 minutes out of their busy day to stretch properly. Some athletes tend to only stretch before practice because everyone else is doing so, in my opinion, that’s not enough! For those who think that lunging to the left and right and twirling their arms around before practice is sufficient, they’re wrong. Pay attention and take note, this article might come in handy when stretching to make a save!

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As goalies, the more flexible one is the better range of movement and extension he or she has when making saves. Many goalies aren’t extremely flexible. Why is this? Many goalies don’t see the benefits of stretching. The positives that are associated with stretching are endless! Reducing muscles strain and tension, better body coordination, reaction time, mental and physical relaxation are just few of the pluses when stretching. Stretching cost nothing and yet goalies never spend enough time focusing on the one main component that can create many benefits to their game.  


Stretching a few minutes before practice begins isn’t enough. If you can find time to stretch 3 times a day, 10 minutes each session, then you’re going to be in better physical condition. If you can stretch once in the morning, once at practice and once before you go to bed, then you’ve just started to increase your flexibility and will begin to see the benefits. If finding time to stretch is difficult, then schedule a few 10 minute sessions in per week. This will successfully give you a chance to gain flexibility while relaxing mentally and physical.


Goalies that succeed in this game have outstanding work ethic and desire. They’ll do whatever it takes to get to the top, even if it involves a little stretching! Consistent stretching needs to become routine in a goaltenders daily activities. The benefits of stretching are apparent. Now find the time! 


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