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VK71's Version of "Bungee Toe ties"


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Love or hate Monster, they had some good ideas. I bought and actually got some TLG Toe Straps and the Pro Bridge kit from them, and that is where my idea spawned. 

Here is the why for my version:

TLG Toe Straps - The TLG cords were too short and didn't have enough stretch when I was making a save, if I added longer cord then the pad didn't return right. Plus I didn't like having to thread the bungee through my skates every time I wanted to strap on the pads, first world problem sure, but goalies mod.

Pro Bridge kit - The pieces that attached to the skate were garbage. If you don't know what it was, its these little "eyelets" made out of jenpro/cordura that you ran your skate lace through and then tied the bungee in. They constantly pulled down on your laces and were a general PITA, plus the bungee cord kept pulling out of them as there was no reinforcement around the hole you threaded it through. On top of that the Velcro attachment that connected to the pads was not large enough to keep your pad from pulling loose and disconnecting from your skate. I guess you could run longer bungee cords, but then the pads were too loose for me in general. 

Pro Bridge - bridge.jpg

Pro Bridge - bad .jpg

Pro Bridge - Too Small.jpg

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On to what I did:

I combined the systems and made a few things:

I changed the way the TLG's attached to my skates and I lace them around the heels, instead of over the top of the foot- this allows for more shock cord and the ability to let my pad return to my skate tightly, but it also allows for more stretch because there is more shock cord in the system. I also enlarged the toe tab so there is more Velcro to attach to the pad.

I built a new toe attachment for my pads. Similar design to the too short Pro Bridge, but double the length and double the Velcro.

Since I started using these I have no more issues of the pad coming loose or returning to position like it should. 






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