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Warrior G3 pad mod


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I’ve been using the G3 pads for quite a while now and I really like them however there has been something that has bothered me about them since I first saw them. They have the break below the knee but in order for them to flex there the inner calf wrap must ride up and over the knee stack. They do this nicely when you aren’t wearing the pads and you flex them by hand but when I’m wearing them the top of the inner calf wrap ends up hitting the side of the knee stack, as your knee prevents the inner calf wrap from going on top of the knee stack, so as a result the pads don’t flex at the break below the knee when in use. 

 I could see the the top edge of the inner calf wrap was bending due to repeated contact with the side of the knee stack so I decide to cut this area off. Before taking the scissors to my pads I went to the LHS and looked at all the other brands of pads that have a break below the knee and they all have the inner calf wrap shaped so that when the pad flexes it doesn’t interfere and hit the knee stack.

 So I cut the area on the top of the inner calf wrap away and now the pads flex there nicely. I’ve used them several times now and they work great. I no longer need to use the Velcro tab to flex the break above the knee now that the pads are flexing at the break below the knee.





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I tried that however with my knee /knee pad resting on the knee stack there is no space for the inner calf wrap to slide up on top of the knee stack.

 I can see that if you run the strap down to the calf and have it tight so that the break is flexed all the time then the top of the inner calf wrap will be sandwiched between your knee and knee stack all the time. I prefer to have the break with the ability to flex.

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