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Subzero 3 chest protector and rib protection


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I'll apologize up front if this has been covered by anyone else, but I have been scrubbing this site and the web and I haven't found any posts.

Anyway, I am wearing a pre-owned Subzero 3 C/A that has been really great (compared to my old Simmons 997 that I put through the ringer) BUT it has one downfall, bad rib protection. It has rib padding that are pulled snug to my torso (via the straps attached to the back plate) and protect my ribs in most cases, but in scrambles, those "flaps" tend to fold under and get stuck behind my belly protection. In a scramble I'm contorting my torso to get the flap to go back into it's proper place, but I'm exposed. I have resorted to wearing a snug fitting padded rib shirt until I can figure this out.

Any suggestions or mods that would keep those rib flaps in the right place? I thought about adding velcro to the strap and flap to connect them together but not sure if that would help. Open to ideas.

Not looking to buy a new unit since I love the protection I am getting elsewhere and the mobility so hoping some Goalie Wizards here can help.


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There's probably and easy fix to just create some sort of loop that can be sewn onto the side flap and then have the strap routed through that so that the flap can not fold under.   This has never bothered me enough or happened often enough for me to try to fix it, but it does happen.

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