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Chestie Conundrum


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Thinking of parting ways with my custom Brown 2200 I got last year. Looking for some guidance on what to do next. 

I don't play regularly in the winter because I coach prep hockey in New England and do some private lessons on the side. Just no time. I play B/C level in the summer and regularly fill in throughout the year anywhere from low A to high D level men's leagues. Sometimes I jump in to our school's practices when a goalie is out and played with the JV squad this week. I got the Brown because it is a tank (I think I would be ok with a Chara slapshot in it). With the different levels of play I valued protection and size a bit over mobility. I play my angles well and with extended shoulder floaters on the Brown, nobody goes up top. Little bit more than just drop and block but I am definitely not as mobile as I used to be. 

The Brown unit was custom measured and is exceptionally well made. Unfortunately, the length is too long and the chest piece is a bit too large for me. (It sticks out a bit even after tying around with laces so I can't see my feet and it cost me a goal the other day). The shoulder lifts on the extended shoulders shockingly do not interfere with my mask and help take up some space up top (even hard wristers just hit them and sail over the crossbar). Unfortunately the length is a bit long for me to tuck with my Warrior jock and garter for knee pads and causes it to pop up to much. 

I am looking this week to try on some units and have read up on this forum, but any suggestions. I am looking for something a bit more mobile than the Brown but I still like the size and protection more than say a mobile Vaughn unit. How much I am willing to pay will depend on how much my Brown sells for (custom colors, black base with green and silver accents). Any ideas? 

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