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Vibration Plates

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Yes- I bought one. I had heard of their benefits ranging from enhanced bone density to intensifying exercise, particularly strength training to general improvement of circulation. A former client who owned a gym was trying to get one. The local chiropractor was advertising selling of ten minute sessions on one. I did not hear about them for years, then a website that sells crazy luxury items advertised one. 

I have had mine since Christmas. We can’t say if any of the claims have come through on me as I have only used mine for two weeks. 

My take? These definitely would help with your balance and would activate your muscles just to stand on one. Would using it alone make you lose weight? Hardly, but it is undeniable that there could be some sort of activation through the body. 

Anyone else try a vibration plate? If you have, what is your experience? 

I am going to update my impressions periodically in this thread.

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