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Advice for Sparx and accesories

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At the urging/insistence of my wife (she's kinda amazing), we're going to pull the trigger on a Sparx sharpener. I'm soliciting for advice on which (if any) accessories are helpful or useful - or unnecessary. We have 5 pairs of skates at the house, used by 5 noncompetitive recreational players (the last two of which are 8 and 6, so not a lot of sharpenings required). I'm not sure we really need the edge checker, for example -esp at $189 CAD.

I'm sold on the machine itself, just want to know what else I should throw into the order. Also would appreciate hearing from someone in Canada who had it shipped, and what that cost was like. I hear it weighs between 40 and 50 lbs... it's looking like ~$280 for shipping, duties and taxes 😬

...but like my wife pointed out, that's cheaper than grabbing the kids, traveling down there to pick it up, hotel restaurants etc.

Thanks for the help!

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3 minutes ago, benner33 said:

When I got mine I didn’t get the runner holder at first and just put my skates in with the goalie attachment. It was ok but now that I have the runner holder I get a much more even sharp. 

Interesting - so maybe I should get the runner holder then for my goalie skates/runners? I have the cowlingless Bauer Vapor X700s, so maybe not as much of an issue...?

4 minutes ago, benner33 said:

Oops just noticed you asked for Canadian advice (I’m in the Bay Area CA USA) :) 

LOL! ALL advice is welcome! The Canadian bit was just more specifically about shipping and duty costs!

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So I have some used True Pro return skates and even with those I felt I got a better result with the runner holder. I got the goalie one but I don’t think I had to with the Bauer vertexx Edge holders my skates have. 

Just a thought. I’m still learning how to get the best results out of it so it could be user error. 

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I’m very happy with mine. One warning: get the height of the grinder right or you’ll get scared. I had it a bit too high for my Titan steel and didn’t think about it and it seemed like the machine just cut off and I had to power cycle it. Likely for safety but could be a bit clearer that it’s doing it on purpose. 

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