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Teezle's Video Thread


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I don't have any fancy camera to record myself, but all the rinks I play at have Livebarn, so I can pull clips off it. Here are some good ones from 27-Jan-2020

1) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=POyr4O21_2B9_2F0_2BEYtcBOpYN4gYzewC3WhoX8pY6vrys6b4DK5GiIYCTeTMqvi2CCNvy_2F9MlRaM73wwJjmEOyOrZj1gTNbWEjYmR0sSQKyAbc2hiBIoMZvzqrFR4MVt8mPvF4AAJAkUhcOa5yCOChcz9oIeo_2Br27OE&dt=2020-01-27T19:29&t=681599&d=30000&mode=4  

2) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=POyr4O21_2B9_2F0_2BEYtcBOpYN4gYzewC3WhoX8pY6vrys58zqjyDnJzGjgiE9dP6bS_2BlHjRr_2BsxXxrlMYLPOm_2BotFHZIEdYx07FxJk66l2tEkxr3xMU_2B3kDDqTrmHCGKEWgIMHKRCOGTvWEhn1b_2BytwKk4_2FEzxxypfr&dt=2020-01-27T19:29&t=1655308&d=30000&mode=4 

3) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=POyr4O21_2B9_2F0_2BEYtcBOpYN4gYzewC3WhoX8pY6vrys7jaHdI0nyMlcW6ydCgmGIfUjtvaY1Z71YzG9v4cBos0fFzArVnl7Q7mxafOE3qt7lAT5To6u7GdOXQ9ucZwTK_2Bp9RtUHb8qy8Wto7U0_2B0WjZwcZC7T2TVw&dt=2020-01-27T19:29&t=1757823&d=30000&mode=4 

4) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=oWNLpoZM951DKv_2FQwZhzLWS7RlEYfKkdfv_2Fjd27tXJ_2BbtQQpr9JaOl59EU38Ft1rjgHDULj8Q1833hNACsKqVrWb77C_2FEx0Cdc7Ch8iz3DeXDkEvUdkadY0LIKtJCnicUf9_2FHwvBNm1sZUA5vzH4RasajJ2WoMiv&dt=2020-01-27T19:59&t=224633&d=30000&mode=4 

5) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=zwtZWMlB5ORUBW2HmCvc2YiElP_2B_2FTSGW9_2BlgPWY5ZJUlitEqD2py6itXbcenG067oAjRlXrtTBb5YCEC1A_2F4ytGot2M9Iy0utLENTU8BMIA3_2BnaCQ_2BXUCSTkz9WKKA1UGMZz1HFc9WduoZXbn5xvrj3ZCLpTd4Lv&dt=2020-01-27T20:29&t=140720&d=30000&mode=4 

In clip #2, the shooter is offside, but they did not call it. It was closer than I thought it was - from my perspective it looked like he was a foot and a half offside.


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9 hours ago, Hockey School Dropout said:

Just curious....does your league use the livebarn feed to deal with complaints like bad calls, missed calls etc?

I'm pretty sure the response to a missed call in our league is "suck it up."

The rink and league commissioner do use it to evaluate whether a penalty warrants a suspension, or if people start getting too chippy (it's beer league, relax!) to see who started it and give them a talking to.

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