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  1. Yes, I am kinda with a new team, just subbing for now. For the record, I don't blame goals or my poor play on the effort of the guys in front of me. I 100% put the blame on my shoulders, every time, all the time. It's a bad habit. I'm still trying to play the same game, just feel like I am in a rut, regardless of who is playing in front me. I never thought about this before, "a lot of times the shot I got a glove on in one was the one someone put a stick on before it got to me the other. The one that just missed the net one game goes post-in in another game." That's a good point. And
  2. With the pandemic chewing up ice time, I've been finding myself in quite a bit of a slump and can't seem to get out of it. This season a lot of our better players opted out of playing and we played most games with 6-7 skaters. I went from having an .886 (I know, not great, but when your team is defensively challenged, it's all I could do) to an .835. To me, it seems like a huge drop off. I was still doing the same things in the off season, stretching, hand-eye drills, etc. Thanks to the pandemic, I couldn't get back on the ice until our season started, so I couldn't attend any stick and
  3. I forgot I had these pictures. Taken a week before the pandemic started.
  4. In my league, we were told after the Thanksgiving Break, that it is now mandatory to wear a mask underneath our helmets. I said okay. Apparently the rest of the teams are having a hissy fit about it. Even threatening to leave the rink and take legal action to get their money back. There was even a lot of blow back about not being able to dress in the locker rooms. I haven't been able to play since the Monday of Thanksgiving week (based in US) due to how the schedule was created. Our first game back was supposed to be tonight, but it had to be postponed due to lack of players. I believe t
  5. Cool, I don't know much about the junior leagues nowadays. I know there is a USPHL Premier team at the rink I play at. I think they are the Skipjacks Hockey Club. Best of luck to you for the rest of the season!
  6. Sounds like you're having an awesome experience. I am much too old to play Juniors. I just never had the chance or even the skill to get that far. What league are you in? Is it considered Junior A or Junior B?
  7. I never had the chance to play Juniors. How has your experience been so far?
  8. Oh, cool. I never played down there. I did play in the Rockets arena growing up quite a bit though. I've just been washing my hands as soon as I lay everything out when I get home and then shower immediately. The rink I am playing at, you must get your temperature taken. In the beginning they allowed us to use locker rooms, but after the first game we've been told to dress in the common areas. They don't require that you wear masks, but I do, just not when playing. We still get our temperature taken and then just dress wherever. Which is kinda nice, you can get dressed without lis
  9. Thanks for that information. I am actually moving to NJ at the end of the year, where do you guys play? The rink I play at here in PA seems really lackadaisical about the whole situation. I guess I'll find out tomorrow how everything goes.
  10. My intention is to use a lysol wipe or something similar to wipe down the pads. I'm just trying to be extra careful. I should've clarified that in my previous post, sorry about that.
  11. @coopaloop1234 Tell me about it. Thanks for the information. Seems like Canada has it figured out. Does anyone wipe down their pads when they get back home? Wondering if it would mess up the materials after awhile. Thanks.
  12. I am slated to start my season next Thursday in Pennsylvania and I was wondering if maybe someone could answer a few questions I have. Unfortunately, due to management changing hands multiple times at the rink I play at, getting a solid answer is kinda hard. The only thing my captain has told me is that the rink will be disinfecting the locker rooms, but can't guarantee that they'll do it before we're scheduled to be in there. Nothing about social distancing in the rooms either or while getting to the ice. So, I'm curious to see what others are doing to stay safe. Do you get half way
  13. I bought the Warrior R/GT2 full set back in 2019. These are my first set of brand new pads since the summer of 2004. I previously wore the Simmons Ultra Light 2 full set. Still trying to get used to the 75 degree glove. I know, boring, boring with the white colorway. But based on my budget, it's all I could do at the time. This was when I first bought the pads, right before my first game in them, last October. And this is what they look like now, after only 25 games from the 2019-2020 season (ended in March). I seem to make a lot of saves with my right leg. I think I do a lot o
  14. breaklouis35

    Goalie Camps

    Hey, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I am located in South Central Pennsylvania, so about 7 hours away. I am also unavailable that weekend due to work stuff. Thanks for thinking about me, I appreciate it.
  15. Does anyone here have advice for dealing with pressure in the playoffs? I have never been in an adult league playoff before and my team isn't exactly the best. I'm hoping to just get through the first game and see where it goes from there. I have no idea what to expect.
  16. There were goalies of all ages, mites-adult league players. I am of adult league player age.
  17. I reached out to the "hockey manager" at the rink I play at for goalie clinics and he told me that the goalie coach of the Erie Otters (OHL), comes to the rink for goalie clinics and would put me in the loop. Last week, my team had a game and guess who is on the ice before our game? A bunch of goalies doing goalie drills. I was pretty bummed and e-mailed the "hockey manager" about it and he still never responded. I would love to go to one though.
  18. He looked offside. Great saves!
  19. I have the GT2 Senior model and I like it a lot. I also came from a Simmons pancake style glove (forget the name of the model) and felt the difference right away. It took me awhile to close it effectively. I sat on the couch with it for a week opening and closing it. Once I figured out the strapping and getting it to fit my hand properly, I've liked it a lot. At first, I hated it, but I've gotten used to it. This might be me, but a lot of the time I end up trying to catch the puck in my palm. I mean it will pop out pretty far, but I would rather catch it and keep it caught. I still like t
  20. Hello, My team has had two games in the past five days and we have another tomorrow night. The last two games we lost, 6-3 and 5-4. I also missed the game before that due to being at a wedding out of the country. I think I played pretty well in the 6-3 game, considering we only had 8 skaters and were playing the first place team. I had 59 saves and had a lot of fun. I should've have saved the first goal, guy shot to my right pad and I played it with my glove instead of letting it hit my pad and basically gave it straight to one of their wingers coming down (uncovered by my defenseman
  21. Thank you to @Teezle for finding the clips for me! Moderators, feel free to delete the topic.
  22. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a livebarn account that could find two clips for me. Feel free to DM me. Thanks.
  23. Oh, right. I should've thought about that.
  24. Did anybody else think it was weird that Jordan Binnington didn't keep the save streak thing going? I thought they were supposed to keep going until a player scored after the divisional captain was stopped.
  25. Does anyone know if this is available in the USA? Can't seem to find any information. Thanks.
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