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FS: 32+2 Passau Set **SOLD**

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Bought a new set the other day, so these are up for sale. They're in really good shape. I bought them when they were like new and used them from October 2019 to January 2020, when I got injured and decided to cheer myself up by buying new gear. 

Pads are 32+2, shortened boot (6.5" IIRC. Professor strap. Only the one leather strap for the boot. Marginally heavier than my Warriors were. 

Glove is a 60 degree break, double tee with a skate lace pocket.

The blocker is, well, a blocker.

All embroidered with "TIMMY". I am not Timmy, but if you want to be Timmy, you'll want to buy these. 

The logo on each piece is from http://manadvantage.org/. When these sell, I'll donate $50 (Canadian, or whatever the equivalent in USD is) of the sale too. 

I'm asking $650 USD or $850 CAD plus shipping, which would be from Manitoba.

Thanks for looking!












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