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Bauer NME8 mask screw posts

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I was able to purchase an NME8 that needed some love, so I decided to order a replacement foam.

But as I was disassembling it to prep the mask, I noticed that the screw used by Bauer is an unusual one that I'd not encountered before. They are similar to https://hockeysupremacy.com/en/bauer-helmet-square-post.html they have a square middle that seems to lock itself on the mask's square holes (the ones in the link are unfortunately sold out and are too short). I could try to salvage the ones that are integrated into the old foam, but they are in bad shape and rusted. 

Is it safe to use the regular round posts to replace the old hardware? Or does anyone have a lead on where to find some that fit? 

I've looked at https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Bauer-Goalie-Hockey-Helmet-NME-Long-Square-Post-Kit-24-Pack-Helmet-Hardware-/264604623232 which are similar but have a square top which will not allow the washers to fit over either.

Attached is the photo of the best shaped one that's on the mask currently.


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