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R/GT2 Pro 9 Month Review


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Hey guys,

With the current lack of hockey due to this pandemic and having some time on my hands, I figured that I'd provide a 9 month review on my set of R/GT2 Pro pads. 

If you missed it, here was my 10 month review of the R/GT Sr line a couple years ago. 

I was a huge fan of the original R/GT line and was my first dip into Warrior products that has now become my preferred brand when it comes to all goalie products (masks and skates excluded). i loved the blend of the a stiff and soft pad and the strapping, lightness, bindingless design, and overall technology in the pad was a huge factor in my original decision for the R/GT set and the R/GT2 follows the same fashion. 

I'll go over the changes from the R/GT line to the R/GT2 line as I review each piece.

First and foremost, here's the set. (with the little red padwrap)


I bought these pads after their initial release as I wanted to get my hands on a set before deciding to drop the cash on these. The largest question I had was the switch from the 70 degree break of the GT1 glove to the standard 75 degree break of the GT2. While the 70 degree break wasn't received very well (aside from myself and @cwarnar) Warrior decided to go back to the 75 degree as well as change the thumb placement. I'll go over this later. 

Before I go into the details, a lot of the details of the R/GT2 line is covered in my previous review and I will only be reviewing how the R/GT2 differs from it's predecessor. 


The R/GT2 line had 3 major difference between it and the R/GT line. These are:

- Larger/thicker knee block
- Added hypercomp above the knee to maintain rigidity and stiffen the pad up
- Introduction of the adjustable tabs for the calf velcro wrap

Overall, these changes make the R/GT2 a stiffer and boxier version of the R/GT and these changes were well received by yours truly. I've come to prefer the boxiness these have brought on and will probably move to a "stiff" pad once these have had their turn. 

The first major change was the increase in size of the knee block. One of the alrge complaints of the GT line was that people were falling off of the knee block. Here is a comparison of the R/GT vs a G3 landing area. 


As you can see, there was a significant difference between the R/GT and G3 lines. Warrior addressed these concerns on the R/GT2 line. I don't have a direct comparison, but the size of the knee block is closer to a happy medium between the knee blocks above and it was a noticeable difference the first time I hit the ice. The added stability is a welcome change and has added a stronger butterfly to my toolbox. 

The next two changes, both originally introduced on the G4 are the adjustable calf strap and the inclusion of hypercomp into the pad above the knee. 


One of my personal complaints on the R/GT1 line was that the calf wrap had to be removed from being attached to the calf wedge to be able to allow the pad to flow with your leg in a more natural fashion.

Warrior addressed this on the G4 line by adding the ability to adjust this strap to loosen or tighten up the pad. This solved the previous problem as well as added further customizeable options to their pads. 

Second, the inclusion of hypercomp above the knee has been well received as well. It has stiffened up the pad considerably and addressed my concerns of the thighrise losing rigidity that ended up plaguing my R/GT line near the end of it's life. 

Overall these pads have help up well for the 9 months of use (2-4 times a week). Only a few points show any real wear and I don't estimate these will be long term issues and are mostly cosmetic (for now).


There is a bit of the above wear in a small spot on the knee stack, but overall they improved that area over the G4. 


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Next: Blocker

Look, aside from the inclusion of hypercomp into the face and sidewall of the board, the R/GT2 blocker is the same as the R/GT blocker. Only difference between the R/GT2 and the G4 blocker is the graphic. There hasn't been any major changes to the performance and function of the blockers. 

If you've used a Warrior blocker before then you'll know that it will feel exactly the same.

I haven't notice too much of a difference of "pop" with the inclusion of the hypercomp, but the added rigidity of the sidewall is definitely nice. 

Now here's some pics. 



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Now for the glove. This was the largest question mark for me when it came to the R/GT2 set. 

Now let me say, I absolutely LOVED the R/GT glove. That 70 degree break just sat right with me and, still to this day, is my absolute favourite glove I have ever used. 

Don't get me wrong, the R/GT2 glove is great too and I am a big fan of 75 degree break gloves. 60 degree is ok, but 90 degree is for heathens and weirdos. 


With the R/GT2 glove, they also changed the thumb angle and how it sits in the glove. Despite the G4 being a 75 degree break glove as well, both of these gloves feel very different. The R/GT2 places your thumb into an even more forward position which is even more familiar to a baseball glove feel. It honestly feels close to holding a cup. 


I grabbed this glove in a double T as it's been a few years since I've tried one and I have to say, Single T is way better. Losing the visceral feel of the puck hitting a single T and that "snap" is very much missed. The pocket is bigger and there aren't any popouts in a Double T, but there are many times I have to double check if I have the puck in there and it really bugs me.

The inclusion of hypercomp in the palm has been great so far. Protection has been great and I've yet to get a stinger.

I'm one of those guys that habitually pushes their blocker against the T of their glove. Just been one of those things I do. This has led to some wear there as one would expect. Despite this, the R/GT2 glove has held up better than my R/GT glove. 


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Overall, upgrading from the R/GT to the R/GT2 was great. The overall stiffer/boxier feel of the pads was what I wanted and they have performed great in my time using them. All of the wear issues have been documented and as you can see, are pretty far and few between for a steady 9 months of use. 

I definitely am in love with this set and it's served me well so far. Here's a photo of them brand new, without padwrap, and beside my R/GT's. 


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