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Looking for Review on Iceskins Pro


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So here's what I've found.

I ordered from Passau and after a week of no action on their end, I ordered from Kenesky. The Passau unit is still "in transit" a month later while the Kenesky got theirs here in a week. So take that for what you will.

 My usage of these are for in the street, not arena flooring, so I don't know how they will "slide" on arena floor. They do NOT slide on pavement! But that's not what I wanted them for, just wanted something to take the damage instead of the pads themselves so the pad would last longer. And I can tell you now, they are fantastic at taking a beating.

Install was a breeze. Felt a little weird cutting the pads for the inserts, but you get over it when you realize the pieces will cover the hole you cut. It took about 15-20mins to mark, cut, push the pieces inside, then screw them outside piece to the inside piece.

Overall, I went with these over the rollerfly slide plates because I thought they would be a bit lighter. No idea how much the rollerfly's weigh though, but the iceskin is all very light. Don't even notice it's there.

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