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950x vs nme9

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Hi everyone 

Any of you know the major difference between those two mask ? The difference with the price is massive for a senior mask

only thing I’ve read is the 950x has 12k carbon fiber and the nme 9 had the poron foam 

I need a new mask and with the covid I can’t afford a pro mask :( so if any can help me with those two 

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Main difference other than protection you mentioned, is the fit. In my experience the Profile Masks are more narrow to your head, while the NME ones are wider. I also feel like the chin area goes further down to your chest on the Profile. 
I would recommend you, if you have the opportunity to, try on both masks at your local retailer. Maybe bring your chesty with you for mobility comparison.

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2 hours ago, Yzueblin said:

Seriously I try both and I really like them .... it’s more protection wise 

the 200$ more on the 950x worth it ? 

It really always depends on your budget, how much is your head safety worth for you? Maybe considering what level of shoots you face. 

One other feature which is different is, how the cage is attached to the mask. The NME only has screws on the side, while the Profile has two each on top and the bottom and one on each side. I found that with only the screws on the side if your cage gets bent a little bit it begins to slide up and down. But that is just my experience.

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