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Vertexx Edge loose blade fix

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The other day I noticed that my left skate blade was loose enough in the holder that it had a noticeable effect on the ice but I came across a super simple solution. All you need is some clear sock tape and an exacto knife. 


I did this and it seems to have fixed the problem, the real test will be once I get on the ice later this week. 

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One reason would be that when the steel is removed for sharpening and then replaced to holder. The edges of the steel that go into the holder are sharp and rough from factory "finish". And as the holder is tight for the steel (as it should be atleast!) the rough and sharp edges peel a slice of the holder plastic away. Thinnest of slice of plastic every time the steel is removed and replaced will do the job eventually.

What could be done except being very careful? Clean the edges of the steel that go inside the holder with a fine file or sandpaper, some 360 grid I think would do the job. It's hard metal so good quality tools are required. I don't think the edges need to be heavily rounded but fine feeling to fingertip atleast. This won't remove the problem completely but it might atleast help somewhat.

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