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Bauer S19 NME IX: need some info


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I've got NME 8 - predecessor of NME IX. They are similar in terms of shell and partially liner. 

I often say that buing that mask was the best money spent among all my gear. The only times when shot can hurt is when I get puck stright to the ear side of the mask - but other then some idiot shooting on the practice from the corner you whould be fine. 

Liner looks like was improved. Mine was super comfy at first but after 6 years of use marked foams are a lot harder - they don't use that one in NME IX from what I can see. Other foams (colored ones) are still nice and soft.

The only thing that is damaged after my time of use is chin area of the mask. I get hit to the mask a lot and it droped down from the bords to the ice cuple times and now very bottom of the chin started to crack.


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I'm also in an NME 8.  For me it's been an upgrade over the ProMasque I used previously due to the way the NME fits  (like a glove!).  The only change I've made is going to a chin sling and removing a little padding that put too much pressure on my cheekbones.   I'm not feeling shots or dealing with ringing in my ears the way I did in the ProMasque.   Granted, I'm playing mid to low level beer league not junior or NCAA, but for my level the protection is more than adequate and it fits better than anything else I've ever tried on.  

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I went from an nme 8 to a profile 960, the chin on the nme chipped pretty easily at aaa level shots and the profile line held up, I think this is because the profile has a much thicker chin but cant be 100% sure on that. It's just the cosmetics so it shouldn't affect safety just an fyi

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