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Sense Arena - VR training


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I did not found anything about this quite interesting project.

Sense arena for goalies


For those who have lack of ice time this should be very interesting. They present it also as "home" training solution but billing policy is litle disappointment for me. They cheapest program is 69 dollars (79 euros) per month for two-user licences. It is not bad If you can share these licences and go at least 50:50.

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I like the idea and where they are going with it. There are a few goalie training options on Steam for VR systems and a few are even free (even if they are not free, it's a one time payment of $20 or less). I just can't justify $69 a month for this since it would be only me using it. Seeing how rinks are opening back up (here atleast) that would be 4 stick n puck sessions ( 1 1/2hrs each) every month.

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I already owned a Quest 2, so I picked up a set of mounts.


I have to say, this is fantastic. It is a great replacement for real ice time. I can pop my gear on at any time and face some complex situations. The more I wear my gear and train with it, the more natural it feels. It's well worth the monthly subscription.


I ordered a HockeyShot G1 Extreme Large slide board but it hasn't arrived yet. Should be a good off-ice training tool when paired with Sense Arena.

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