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  1. Add my dream mask to the collection. New old stock Jerry Wright Bauer 961 Stars and Stripes edition. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear this one
  2. The yellow Timmy’s jersey was a nice touch. Thank you!
  3. I think I just bought this off of you I love it! I have worn it, and plan on wearing it more.
  4. From my >40 draft league a couple of weeks ago. Champion for Wednesday night. Drafted to a new team on Thursday 😆
  5. Probably an Ohio State fan trying to get Michigan removed from the language. On a side note, I was at the game when the Michigan happened
  6. I think the older (Myself included) "Get off my lawn crowd" would like this move because it shows another weakness in the RVH. If Rittich was in a traditional standing post hug mode this move fails. I say no ban.... for now My .02
  7. beansbats

    Brand loyalty

    I like matching gear, and I've been know to buy a new set to match my two teams which change twice a year because they are draft leagues. I have also figured out that as long as it is north American made pro gear, I do not care about the brand and will switch sets from game to game. Currently in my legs and glove gear cave - Vaughn, Brian's, CCM, and Bauer. All US or Canadian made. I'll go back to Warrior when Pete can bring production back to N. America. I have different masks to roughly match the kits. Chesty's? I switch between Kenesky and Passau on a nightly basis. Skates? I rotate between 1S and True 2 piece and am adding a pair of 1 piece to the mix. Does all of this switching gear hurt my game? Probably, but not enough for me to care. I like trying different gear Conclusion: This thread is causing a little too much introspection, so I should get back to actually working.
  8. Thank you for the updated review. I am still loving my Hutchinson EF4 kit.
  9. I was happy when I saw that they were too big for me. I've acquired an excessive number of sets recently.... and my wife is starting to notice
  10. beansbats


    That's a marketing article, not a technical article. The strengths discussed are against other types of plastics not other types of mask making materials. Having said that, I believe that polycarbonate can be used to make a decent mask. My .02
  11. I liked the Sparx and love the Wissota. I prefer the Wissota because I can completely control the process (Good or bad). The Sparx did it's job and was pretty much automatic. There is a fairly steep learning curve to use the Wissota properly, and I spent a lot of time practicing on old steel before I finally stepped on the ice with my own sharpening.
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