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  1. I liked the Sparx and love the Wissota. I prefer the Wissota because I can completely control the process (Good or bad). The Sparx did it's job and was pretty much automatic. There is a fairly steep learning curve to use the Wissota properly, and I spent a lot of time practicing on old steel before I finally stepped on the ice with my own sharpening.
  2. I sold my Sparx and bought a Wissota so that I could mess with in between hollows. On my 3mm steel I usually run approximately 3/8", and on my 4mm it is closer to 5/8". I'll make minor adjustments based on outside air temperature. I also raise the inside edges and dull the outside ones. Frequency? Every three or four skates in the summer on softer ice, and every couple of skates in the winter. I have purchased the FBV adapter from Wissota and some dressing wheels from Blackstone and plan to give FBV a shot in a couple of weeks. I love sharpening my own skates! -steve
  3. Well, my mask buying binge continues. I have always wanted a Warwick, and I was able to pick up this 2014 Warwick made for Erik Ersberg of HV71. Additionally, it was painted by Dave Art which wasn't mentioned in the ad. So I am really stoked! Does anyone know what model of Warwick this is? Thanks!
  4. That was fun to watch! Great movement.
  5. It is a New Image Patriot. * newimagegoaliemask.com * I highly recommend them. The paint is 1980 USA Olympic tribute, and the mask is Jim Craig's -steve
  6. My New Image Patriot Pro just came back from the painter. Huge thanks to Sean Nance! My take on a 1980 USA tribute mask. I can't wait to get it on the ice on Sunday. -steve
  7. I'm a 17 to 17.5" neck size. I can barely close the velcro, and once it is closed it comes loose during the game. It just may be that the product is not for me, or I could sew an extension in, which would be easy enough to do. -steve
  8. I wore the original for a while and felt that it was under protective, and the senior size barely fit around my neck. I will be very willing to try the new version. -steve
  9. I like these ideas, but I decided to go with the sewn in as a permanent attachment and just keep a second set of ties in my bag in case they do fail. -steve
  10. Interesting idea 🧐. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
  11. I wear them directly on my skin with my base layer over them, and then my knee pads. I think they are great to land on. I machine wash them every couple of skates to keep them from getting gross. I hope this helps. -steve
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