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  1. I'd reach out to Glenn Miller. He is back building his own models as well as re-habbing old gear. Check out his work over on Facebook. -steve
  2. Just to add a piece of information. Replacement steel is available. It took me almost four months to run it down, but I bought two sets (Around $100 per set). I ordered it by calling the main hockeyservices.com number (269.375.3313). I absolutely love the skates.
  3. This is fantastic! I'm loving my Pro G's but it has been nearly impossible to find replacement steel, so I'm tempted by the idea of putting some Vertex holders on them. -steve
  4. There is a True press release somewhere that reads like they bought Lefevre, rather than a partnership.
  5. I have bought the Sense Arena home system, but have only used it a couple of times since it arrived last week, so I am not comfortable providing a full review yet. My initial impression, I like it. More information to follow. -steve
  6. I heard that Fraser authorities weren’t enforcing the mandate. Hartland and Kensington Valley never really shut down, and had no mask requirements. Ann Arbor and Chelsea were shut down hard by the health department. I’m in Ann Arbor.
  7. The rinks in Michigan are finally legally open. One of the requirements that has been fun is wearing a mask under my mask. Is anyone else doing this? I just slid a paper mask in front of my chin cup. My nose is covered, but I can still breathe.
  8. The rinks have finally legally opened in lower Michigan, and I have put two ice sessions on the Grafs. I am adjusting to the 3mm steel, and need to put a deeper hollow on them prior to my Thursday skate. Overall I like the skates. I can't really speak to the durability yet. As far as protection, I've taken a few shots off of the toes and haven't felt a thing. So protection seems good.
  9. beansbats

    JRZ gear

    I'll be able to answer this better after more ice. My initial impression is that I haven't really noticed any significant differences, both sets play fast and kick the rebounds out.
  10. After looking for a Canadian made CCM mask for over a year, I just acquired second one in under a month. Tyler Parsons rookie mask from a local FB Marketplace. It is a Kipper tribute on one side. I do intend to wear it a couple of times prior to shelving it
  11. beansbats

    JRZ gear

    I still have my Optiks, and I love them. The Fusion's play very similar to the Optiks, very light, thin, and great sliding. The one thing that stands out on the JRZ's over the Optik's is the thigh rise, it is stiffer and I like that.
  12. beansbats

    JRZ gear

    My Fusion's play more like my Optik's than any of my recent Bauer sets (1S and 2S). I've had them on the ice 3 times so far and each time I like them more. As far as boot stiffness, it is stiff but not crazy stiff. -steve
  13. New Canadian Made Pro-return CCM Custom Pro mask with a titanium cage. I need to foam it, but this mask is incredible.
  14. beansbats

    JRZ gear

    I already posted in in the gear showoff thread, but I think the new kit needs to be in the JRZ thread as well. I also spent 45 minutes on the synthetic ice with them, and I am impressed.
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