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Rec League warmup?


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By just reading I realized how lucky I am.  All the guys on my team joke about ripping a shot off my head but haven't had to take one just let.  We just do a horse shoe and they just shoot to feel the shots and track.  

On 10/29/2017 at 12:05 PM, Fullright said:

Just to show the futility of trying to convince your players not to kill you during the so-called warmup in Beer League, out of all the fellas who put video up here and Tomy's old video site, only IV and Hills have their teams properly trained.

SVR, it is only because you try really hard to do well and are conscientious.

Plus I ain't afraid to ask for what I want them to do.

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I found a good approach to get a decent warm up and no head shots in a rec league game.

Before the warm-up talk to one forward on the team that is hungry to score. Tell him you want him to practice tipping the puck in front of you for the warm-up. Tell him to try and screen you and also tip the shot, and he has free range on rebounds as well.  

This will achieve decent planned shots coming your way and also no HEAD SHOTS!  The rest of the team will just naturally line up to take the next shot to be tipped. 

No idea why this works but I've been doing it for years. Best warm-up I've had in the two minutes you get. Gets you tracking rebounds and actively searching for the shot. 

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