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Repalming blocker


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Hey all,

Looking into replacing the palm in my blocker.  I was wondering how difficult this is.

For informational purposes, I am comfortable sewing, repairing and modifying my own equipment.  It might not look overly pretty but I can do it.

I have attached pictures of how my palm currently looks as a reference.

My blocker is a Vaughn V3 7500 and the palm was replaced by Sara at PAW last time (5 years ago).

Is there anything I need to be aware of?

Are there any replacement palms that are better than others? I see there are more people modifying blockers to make use of the Warrior replacable palms.  Is this difficult or something that would be easy to do myself?


Thank you,







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Using a Warrior palm isn't a big job at all if you just switch the old one to Warrior. It should to the original attachments and all without needing much modification.

You can check out my V3 7500 blocker repair topic if you haven't yet. There is a bit more extreme way to the Warrior palm mod.

Feel free to ask for details if you need some knowledge, structure is familiar to me now having dismantled one 7500 blocker.

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