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1997 Brian's Alite Repair/Shop


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Hi guys

I have a pair of 1997 Brian's Alite AirPac pads that I absolutely love.  (They once caught the eye of Daniel Berthiaume who was very excited when he saw me wearing such old gear.) I am very much a 1980/90s standup/fish out of water scrambler and would love to get another decade out of them (if I'm playing when I'm 60 I will be a very happy man) and don't know if I want a pair of used new style box pads.

It's probably a big job as almost all of the front facing panels, upper side roll and thigh rolls would need replacement and maybe some repacking.  (I just love the Brian's Star Peak logo and would hope that could be salvaged.)

Has anyone recently used a good goalie pad repair shop in the US?  I'm in Maryland and while I wouldn't mind sending my gear to Canada, the way cross border shipping is now I'd be concerned about delays.  FixMyGear already declined saying it's too much for them right now.


(Not looking to be convinced to get a new pair;  just looking for a repair shop right now.)







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Normally I would suggest Jay Terio, @Keeps33, but since he has started working with Simmons I don't think he is taking on very much side work anymore.  If he will take these on he does fantastic work.  So does Sarah, @Beccaraptor, of Paw Hockey but I believe she is also shying away from rebuilding other gear so she can focus more on her own brand of gear.  I am sure there are others that someone else can suggest.

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