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Bauer Toe Bridges


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On 3/16/2021 at 10:52 PM, AnthonyC said:

I seem to recall @TheGoalNet mentioning some mods he’s done with his Bauer toe bridges, can you please share here?

on both the 2X and US the bridges are too flimsy and not really good. Toe connections are an underrated part of the pad and I just can’t get it right with Bauer.

I don't have a set of pads on hand with the mod. didn't do it to US and my 2X are on loan. It's a simple mod...

Get some strong flexible glue, glue the toe bridge so the floating part is attached near the pad binding, and then clamp it over night

In this pic, place glue from the white cord lacing until the green line, should look a traditionally mounted toe bridge when it's done? Bauer's mount location is offset back up the boot more



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Thanks for posting that.

 I had not been able to pinpoint what is so weird about the toes until your post. It’s not surprising that there are some pros with different and more traditional toe bridges on Bauer pads. To me The toes are the only weak spot on the pad.

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