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Bauer Hockey Acquires Leading Sharpening and Profiling Company ProSharp

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I wish this could be taken as good news.

No doubt I would give a kidney for a ProSharp, possibly a testicle and a kidney. Maybe a non-dominant hand pinkie.

It would be great if this would mean a prosumer unit that would be affordable; unfortunately, it could mean a cheap unit that is expensive. Sparx now offers a unit that cost $700 and is portable. That was the biggest bugaboo with the original unit. That and the fact that you can’t cross-grind. I use a 1 1/4” ROH wheel to “cross-grind”. 
The charm of the ProSharp at home unit is despite it costing an arm and a leg ($1700), you buy regular grinding wheels and could put in any hollow you wish including the Z channel (I like that hollow a LOT). The dressing wheels are $200 each, but they last. Sparx wheels are $50 each, but only get 160 passes. For me, that is 80 pair of skates. Do the math- it’s wicked.

My fear is that since Bauer LOVES making disposable gear, they will make the ProSharp become Sparx on steroids. I truly hope not…

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