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Vaughn Epic 8800 glove


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Tell me something more about this glove. I was tempted to it right away when one came available near me and was only 30 euros. It's in decent condition but ofcourse needs some repairs. 

It is from 2010 about so it's an old timer already but it looks like the model never got to any huge popularity as there is very little to find out in google. Vaughn brochure from that time didn't tell anything about the specifics of the glove like break angle etc.

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Few images of it to give someone idea of what's up.

It has a shape of sort of 580 on the palm and pocket area, finger side is longish just like the 580 have. Yet still the cuff is really close angled towards the break at 45 degrees maybe.

The break is not working at all actually and is awkwardly off. But nothing that couln't be fixed. Colorway of this one is what I like, black&white.



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Mixed feelings on this one, it has a new made finger plate which in my opinion is a bit off but not too bad. Previous owner had made a skatelace pocket but and someone had done the other lacing possibly the person who made the new plate but for the quality of that I wouldn't believe that person could lace the glove so wrong. So there is lot to rethink with this one but also it might be that the reasons for closure and all have already been discovered. 

It does look quite smallish but when I measured the perimeter that is about 115cm with some error margin. I would like a bit more pocket area but not possible without bigger operations.

Dismantled the glove that took about an hour and then throughly washed as usual. Tomorrow all of it should be dry and clean. And when I get the body of the FrankenCCM done I'll get into this one.

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Then some, the biggest wear in this glove was on the cuff. These corners more than often wear through and what is worse that they are pretty hard to fix without taking apart the whole thing including seams.

Some animal ate this edge? Or maybe just got rubbed against something. It was stiched somehow but not really estethic or durable fix.


The corner rub against everything and inside there is an edge of the hard foam. The jenpro on the face side is just a bit too short so the nylon fabric runs over the corner and is worn a bit too. Velcro for the cuff is filled with all sorts of material but after cleaning it works like a new again.


Add some jenpro and a few slices of nylon and some sewing and here we have it fixed. Not like a new one but fixed anyways. The nylon piece isn't the best ones I've done but it was a difficult one while trying to minimize the dismantling.


The nylon on longer edge worked a lot better.



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I thought I should straighten up the break line to match the jenpro. 


I actually sewed the felt and all to the new alignment but then found out there was a mild misalignment in the newly made plastic and after correcting that there was no room to shift the break. And actually no need to either.

Then a small fix to the outer edge on top side of the glove. Usually the edge is broken on the inside edge because the plastic is curled in. While the original eyelets are still there I think that it hasn't been repaired except for the new plastic. The finger protection had ripped through the nylon as usually happens sooner or later. A bit of jenpro added to reinforce that spot. Some holes to be done and the binding is still waiting to be sewn.


Then jump right to the test setup to see how things are working. This proved itself again as I found out that the break was working without any modifications and I returned my mods back to as they were. New thumb plastic was made also. Not that the original was really broken but it was molded with heat gun in a few spots and looked like it was at the end of it's life. Easier to make a whole new plate that lasts for years again. Hopefully.

Black jenpro patch to cover the almost worn through spot.


Then some plastic to the T lip and lace the whole thing to see if it really is better than before. And yes now that it is laced as it should be (I think how it should be) it is really working again and I can definitely get the feeling of the glove. It's somehow "older" and for me somewhat familiar from a long time ago when I was playing street hockey with my friends. It'll be exciting to see how this thing works now that I have gotten more used to the new style of gloves.


One with the lacing done. Feels really nice and a lot to my liking. Just a little bit more pocket would make it complete.


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Then we have only few pictures left to see. Skate lace pocket as it was when I bought it. I tried to make it as open as possible but the non-waxed laces make it look quite dense anyways. There's a lot of stretch available in that lacing.


A little detail with those white patches around but not too much to change the looks.


For some reason I really like this Vaughn logo on the side of the cuff.


That's it for this glove. I'm excited to get this one on the ice. Atleast it's pretty lightweight and feels really nice. I just got a full black V6 2000Pro blocker too to match this glove for some sort of set. There's not much to do and for 40 euros it was a real bargain I think.

If any of you kind moderators would move this topic to the Mods area to join all the other ones would be great.

Thanks for watching and blaablaa... 😁

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