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Picking out new gear


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Most of my current stuff is falling apart, so I thought that it is time for some new stuff.

I currently have good skates, pants, as well as a C&A. I need a helmet, glove/blocker, and I would like new leg pads, although it is not a necessity. I would like to spend more money on a glove, and less on a blocker. I don't need a matching glove and blocker because I like my gear to be solid white, and plan on removing logos anyway. 

I need a solid helmet, but not something anywhere near the price of an NME 10, I find prices above $250 overboard, especially for my budget.

For leg pads, I need something decent, but not the latest and greatest pads. Anything average is great for me.

I've been playing goalie for a little over 3 years now, after picking up the position after two goalies got hurt on my team. I've stuck with the position, but I still have some ancient hand-me-down pads. I need some stuff that can hold up for the next 2-3 years or so. 

For a budget, I would like to spend under $250 on both the blocker and glove, less than $200 on a helmet an around $500 on leg pads. If you could avoid Vaughn at all costs, that would be much appreciated. 

I understand that this is asking a lot, but I thought I should ask some of the gear experts out there before I spend too much on a blocker and not enough on a helmet.

Thank you to anyone that can help me.

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4 hours ago, motowngoalie said:

If at all possible, bump your pad budget down a bit and buy a Protechsport mask. Right around $300 USD for a pro level mask fitted to your head. The wait time is long, but it's probably the best investment you could make within a limited budget IMO. 


For your budget, you can get a more than respectable used set for your budget ($750 on a used glove/blocker/pad set is a generous amount for used gear) - I sold a full set of pro level Eflex 1s for $500; I even threw in a couple sticks and a bag (the guy recently had his gear stolen out of his truck) - they were only 3-4 years old. 

Spend more on a helmet.  A Protechsport will last you many years and will ensure that you can continue to enjoy the position for a long time.
If you cheap out on a helmet or get something with a beaten up shell or padding you are risking a hell of a lot more than the ability to play the game.
OTNY has a solid offering in the $400 range if you need something quicker (GoalieParts.com; Dennis Kasprowicz is the man).
Budgeting $200 on a helmet is just silly (sorry) - you will end up replacing the thing every 2-3 years if you don't get hurt before then.
Do yourself, your brain, and your loved ones a favor - invest in a good a mask. Sorry, but I can't emphasize this enough.

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13 hours ago, Chenner29 said:

Budgeting $200 on a helmet is just silly (sorry) - you will end up replacing the thing every 2-3 years if you don't get hurt before then.

Exactly the reason I needed help. Thank you.

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