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G5Pro blocker, oh why?


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I've already checked the famous HyperComp in the G4Pro refurbish thread so nothing really new in the first picture. Sidewall on this blocker was soft and bent badly right where the stick/paddle extends out from the glove. Plastic joint or splice or what ever tech they use to bond these carbon layers together has failed. Really doesn't look very promising material to me.


Then it gets worse. At first I thought someone already had opened the glove and replaced the plate but that hadn't happened. Why had they changed the main material from that thick and dense resilient foam to the styrofoam? Less weight might be the reason. But that results in shortened lifetime:


On the front side of the board there is dense and stiff layer of foamed plastic and in front of that a plate made of atleast 7 layers of clear plastic.


And the plastic sheet is as destroyed as the foams are. It might be that the plastic layer isn't up to the task of protecting the softer layers underneath it or that the foams are just too brittle to handle the strikes from the pucks and when the foams collapse behind the plastic sheet it looses the support and breaks into pieces too.


Measurement of the board in millimeters. 


After I opened this thing to see what's inside I immediately checked Finnish Facebook goalie gear market place and found two G5 blockers for sale. Other one looked from the images to be in the same condition as this blocker is and the other mentioned in the text that the board feels a bit crumbled on the front.

Hopefully Warrior changed the materials for G6 back to what they had in G4 or something new and better.

Ah yes, this blocker was used by U18 goalie not playing in the top level here in Finland. So not the best of shots but still a lot of use as they do train many times a week plus games. 

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