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A Beer League Goalie Tests the Warrior G6 Slide Plates


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I started this thread because all the reviews we have received the last few months on the G6 knee sliders have been from highly accomplished goalies.  I am a 70 year old beer league level goalie who has had both hips replaced and consequently limited hip mobility.  I was really looking forward to these and they finally came in.

First impressions are that they slide like magic in all ice conditions.  Mere taps with my toe blade send me sliding easily around the crease. At first, in fact, TOO easily!!

I now have 2 skates under my belt and am getting better in handling the speed and distance of the slides.  I am a ways away from mastering it, but each time I feel more confident. Slides across the crease on back door passes are like lightning, and yes I over slide some but who cares when you make that save instead of not quite getting there!!

Recovery is the thing I need to work on most.  Even though I am now a hybrid goalie, I still am very aggressive in attacking outside shooters and although most times I make the initial save, sometimes I lose a bit of control, over slide out of position, and have to scramble back on very slippery knees.  Working on staying aggressive but not flying out out to the outside of the crease so hard............ 

Overall I am VERY happy with the knee sliders.  Being able to move around the crease with just a light touch, even on slow ice, is amazing. Nothing made me feel older than not being able to get where I want to go around the crease because of limited mobility and leg strength. Now it's a breeze.

How are other beer leaguers liking these?

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Reading all this hype about these make me wanna try the polycarbonate plastic to see if there is significant difference against my PE plastic ones.

The polycarbonate sounds like it would be sliding even more but then again I do know the difference between jenpro and PE which is already huge.

Would give one more option to this world of better slide if the plastics had different characteristics on slide.

Luckily I have some PC available at work so it's only the molding I have to do. And maybe need some practise before as there might be a bit different behavior between PE and PC.

18 hours ago, CamWardFan said:

, and have to scramble back on very slippery knees. 

You can't do that as there is not enough friction, you have to learn to use your steels to push. Also if you have ankle mobility, you can steer your slide somewhat with your toes even without touching the ice with steel.

Definitely needs some practise, I've been learning this sliding for few years now and develop every time I'm on ice.

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