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Go Fund me page for friends portable skate sharpening business in NJ.


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Hey guys,

 I have an old friend who's been in the skate business for many years. Instead of doing a whole pro shop he's started a Go Fund Me page to essentially buy a ambulance and turn it into a portable skate sharpening business. I think it's a pretty novel idea. Hes located in central New Jersey. Anyone who'd like to help him out can check out the page below.


Screenshot_20230204-134342_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Cool idea. I live in south jersey and many folks hit up the Flyers former equipment manager for sharpenings. He's got a shop in his house (and does a podcast there).

I don't know how rinks will feel about a mobile pro shop showing up outside their rink. Although, some places don't have anything. Flemington Ice Arena and I think Ice Land lack pro shops. Princeton and the arena in Trenton have nothing too. There's a market for sure.

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