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DIY Factory MAD style T bob


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Had a different glove a while back  I sent off to Factory Mad to have his work done to it. I loved the bobbed T and the relacing but didn’t really care for how he changed the edge of the pocket. Still he does great work, just that part isn’t for me.

Fast forward to now and I picked up a set of gloves (Game and Practice) that the perimeter lacing was beat, and the T was torn and plastic sticking out…. I decided I wanted to Bob and float the T and fix it up!


First things first, I removed the bad lacing and the T, then marked where I wanted to cut the T back to and chopped off the bad stuff.


After that, I restitched the material around the plastic T reinforcement back together and overlapped the binding material. Sewed it all back together as seamlessly as I could. (the purple dots is superglue to make sure the thread knot stays put)


Once that was complete, I relaced the perimeter with new nylon lacing.

Decided on yellow skate lace (went non waxed to try it out this time, usually use waxed for pockets) for the pocket and got to work. I wish I could have found a closer yellow to the glove yellow but it’s close enough for pucks :) 


The T is nice and stiff so it floated really well with this glove.


Next up is lacing and pocket on the Game glove!



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27 minutes ago, pfeiffjay54 said:

I wanna do this to my true double r, do you think reattaching the bottom part of the t like you did is necessary? Any suggestions on how to do this is appreciated.


You could do it without reattaching the bottom together but I wanted to make sure that area was strong. It’s easy to make a piece of binding and connect it so IMO worth it.

if you decide not to attach it you’d want to make sure there are holes at the ends to weave the pocket through.


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