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  1. definitely post when you're done, I'll have to watch this video!
  2. I have the pro g. I cut down the neck because it was a bit long for me. Looking if there’s a way to reuse the parts I cut off the neck piece
  3. I was thinking to beef up a glove
  4. I bought an aegis neck guard recently and had to trim a good amount of the padding out of the neck. Guys who know materials, is there anyway for me to reuse this and make it into another piece of padding? I don’t think it would melt down right? Just would be cool to reuse and make into a palm padding piece or something, thanks.
  5. I went from 590 to 580 and it’s a very similar break in my experience. Definitely not something I’d buy if you like your mach and can’t try out without commitment. I agree with some of the others on just stick with the mach. True will feel heavy to you and Ccm 600s aren’t great without extensive break in. Brian’s stuff is good but may feel a little heavy, and Vaughn gloves aren’t for everyone. Definitely a tough situation but I’d stay with a supreme glove
  6. I’ve always really liked the Sherwood sticks, just hard to find in stores in the us. When I go across the border for tournaments they always feel great just never pulled the trigger on one. Maybe next time I will
  7. I was really considering but there's a couple reviews of guys getting concussed in a dual layer foam from resilient. I don't remember if it's the neoprene poron or not but whatever it was turned me off really fast. I need to see a video of the shock absorption like @SentryHockey mentioned before going with that.
  8. yeah wish i could get the real stuff, hopefully someday I can save enough for one.
  9. also went with this because i love the cream foam look proschoice uses haha
  10. I went with two sheets of bulk rubatex in different thicknesses, ended up not using one sheet. I only got on the ice with it one time because I cant wear cateyes yet. The time I used it it felt great. For how thick the mask I put it in (Rey swiss) is it felt light. Also my first time in that mask. For protection it didn't see much. I had a shot around the side chin that barely hit the mask and a stick impact to the temple that didn't hurt at all. I'm excited to use the mask next season once I repaint it again and I'll probably get the rubatex from resilient again as long as it doesn't harden on me. Maybe experiment with mixed foams next time?
  11. What’s the difference? I used warrior forever and didn’t feel too much difference switching between lines
  12. I think it might help during puckhandling. I had a chip at that spot for most of the sticks life and the one week I used it without tape there I broke it shooting. Might’ve just been the sticks time to go and I’m overthinking all of it though too
  13. Just tried the mach and I love this thing, has a ton of pop and almost too light because I’m not used to it yet. The material feels almost slippery catching pucks where there isn’t tape which is kinda weird there probably isn’t really a difference there though that’s prob just me. And I got a tiny crack on the top edge of the blade worrying me. Hopefully holds up and performs the same as it did yesterday for the next while
  14. That’s what made my v3, and v2 crack maybe a blok/paddle wedge could help that area?
  15. Maybe that’s what felt weird to me with the true. Inch or two bigger paddle and it still felt pretty comfortable in butterfly. I noticed my blocker angle was different too I wonder if that was something I might’ve changed subconsciously because of the stick, or playing with positioning on camera. That’s a great call out though I never noticed that before. Maybe why I get more power with my warrior vs more loft with the true because of the lie change
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