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Vaughn v10 chest

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No matter how much i adjust the shoulder floaters i still have a terrible time with head mobility.

I ordered some suspenders to see if it helps, but does anyone have any other suggestions that worked for them?

Do use a dangler, so that doesn’t help. 

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In my younger days, one of the ways  I was able to mitigate this was by either shortening the lowest strap that attached the shoulder floater to the unit or if it was particularly bad, I would just remove the entire floater and sew it back where I wanted it. Another way to do it would be to remove material from the floater near the top of your shoulders. I was using the original Warrior Ritual units at the time so a lot of the stuff was either designed to be removable or was easily disassembled. You could also replace the floaters with some from another model if you like everything else about the unit. If you aren't keen on dismantling new equipment, I would suggest looking for something with less stack height in the shoulder area.

Hope that helps.


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Absolutely running into the same thing.  Like the unit and think the protection is okay and mobility good but the shoulders are just too high.  No matter what i've done with the adjusting, it's just not comfortable.  I don't wear suspenders and don't tuck so don't want to go that route.  Other suggestions would be helpful.

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I've noticed some head movement problems when my dangler gets caught with the inside edge of the floater. So that is what I would try to adjust as much as possible to keep them in flat position so that the edge isn't opening ie. the outer side isn't pulled back too much to turn the floater.

One would be to add some strap or (elastic) lace between the floaters close to your throat, that would keep the floaters more flat and the tie between them could make a bridge over the floaters edges too.

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Can anyone share feedback on the arm protection? I’m currently wearing V6 PC and I’m looking to upgrade but wondering if the off the shelf arms are much better now? 

I always felt stingers on my V6, I love the rest of the chesty but really need the arms to be much better on the new unit. 


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