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I'm selling my stuff again. If you guys want to touch the gear of the boards bestestestest member , now's your chance. I'm always willing to sell at a reduced price to any member here over doing it on Sideline. 


Bauer Hyperlite Catcher - sold 

Warrior G5 Pro Blocker and Catcher - w/ 60 degree insert: Sold 

Bauer Hyperlite C/A - Medium: Sold


@ZeroGravitas I expect you to lowball me

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3 minutes ago, ZeroGravitas said:

i would but i think the five George Washington-flavored dollar bills in my pocket are worth more than everything you've posted to Sideline put together sorry not sorry

Are these bills "Candy" flavoured? Or perhaps "Cinnamon"? 

Or they your own flavoring? 

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