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  1. Naz

    Pads for old people

    Had to double check who posted this, a very @coopaloop1234-esque post! LOL
  2. Naz

    GSBB - Dead?

    KIK and Grindr are still ok though right?
  3. C'monnnnn @ULTIMA, you are a GSBB veteran....
  4. Naz

    New Team, Old Gear

    Absolutely stupid that he did not even have skins for his pants. But damn, I love that setup.
  5. Recently picked up these 2 blockers to go with my setup.
  6. Naz

    GSBB - Dead?

    Shit's sake, I gotta garbage post to @coopaloop1234 proportions to get up to 1000 posts
  7. puck bunnies will be Krak-whores
  8. The more I see of the Kracken jersey, the more it makes me think of this Canucks' jersey
  9. @Dumpy , I'll be honest, the only book I read was Jacques Plante's book. And the only video I watched was Andy Moog's.... through the years I did observe the styles of Moog, Hextall, Kirk Mclean to pick up on certain moves in situations. I am NOT the modern butterfly AT all... if you watch old youtube videos of Stephane Fiset, that is very close to my style. Sorry I'm not much help as I am mostly self taught. Oh, I also read Vic Lemire's "Goaltenders Are Not Targets"
  10. The red stick will just be one of his Vaughn sticks painted over. Vaughn does not pay to have their sticks in the NHL any longer.
  11. I will add another. Do you have any scars from Lawn Darts? Have you yelled at kids to get off your front lawn? Mostly, do you grunt/groan whenever to sit down, or get up? Welcome!
  12. sadly, once it tears a little, it can tear a little more. Something as simple as rolling over in bed while you sleep, if your foot does not move completely with the rest of the leg, it can torque it a bit and tear a bit
  13. Welcome Dumpy! What level of Curmudgeon-ness do you have?
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