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  1. Ahhh yeah, Langley area would have had a shit-ton of construction LOL Well, you know, merging is a difficult concept 😒 You should see the confusion over here with all the roundabouts they are putting in instead of traffic lights.
  2. Awww man that sucks Coop! Rest up and recover quickly. Highway 1 around Langley area?
  3. I have some FANTASTIC photos of him on the ferry. The crew let me bring him up onto the bridge, have a photo of him at the Helm of the Spirit of Vancouver Island LOL
  4. No one asked for him after me, I still have him!
  5. Ahhh yes, making the rounds like the Passmore blocker. And like Gil the Goalie did.
  6. Passy's stuff was Eagle and Bauer LOL It's a tribute to using old ass equipment!
  7. At work... sometimes just masking up is not enough, you have to glove-up as well
  8. Working (work in a hospital), yard work, exercise at home.
  9. @dstew29 and @dreadlocked1 thanks for those updates. Both of those give me hope. I was off the ice for about 6 weeks and it was feeling much better. Had returned to full range of motion and just some weakness. 2 weeks ago I was feeling really good... and of course, re-injured the damn thing. Initially, I did see a Dr and also an Orthopaedic surgeon who I play hockey with. Had the UltraSound done and it was determined there was no tear of the Rotator Cuff, just extreme soft tissue damage. So thankfully, no surgery required. With local arenas all having closed now due to COVID-19, there is no danger of me being an idiot and going back on the ice for a while.
  10. Second this. I am a member of the "Vintage Goalie Equipment" page on Facebook. Great group of guys, and setups like the one you are searching are often available.
  11. Fixed that for ya! I think Don was tagged on a FB post about this.
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