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    Bauer Supreme 7000
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    Brown clavicle protector circa 1987
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  1. @SaveByRichter35 wow, yeah from that street view shot, can really see the hump! But, what an improvement, looking fantastic!
  2. Replace gear? Foreign concept to me.
  3. And of those 3, only Price has stuck it out. Dryden retired early, and Roy gave up on the team saying "trade me right fucking now".
  4. Naz

    Daily Chit-chat

    well, back to chorin'
  5. Naz

    Daily Chit-chat

    Any Letterkenny fans in this group?
  6. Listened to Painkiller on my way to work this morning... followed up by Cody Jinks LOL. Yep, my playlists are all over the place.
  7. WTF is up with Broissoit? Is that Blue on the blocker and trapper?? The grey does not match, the gold is different on the pads, stick and jersey... just effing horrible!!! Cool concept if they could have colour matched
  8. Original steps look like it is just "decorative" plaster or concrete over top of the sidewalls. The whole house probably had it before the siding was put on.
  9. The thread title sounds like my last round of golf. Started par-birdie-birdie-par-birdie... and still shot an 87.
  10. Oh shit, I huff and puff when I am doing that.
  11. well, I naturally shoot right, but learned to shoot left as a goalie. Kick left foot, but put on right skate, then left skate, right pad, then left pad. Oddly, left leg goes into pants first.
  12. @SaveByRichter35 your lawn looks FANTASTIC!! Most people would have been happy with the before pictures, but the dethatching after shot shows the true story. Just because a lawn may be green, doesn't mean it is healthy. chile57, like SaveByRichter says, definitely add soil into your levelling to take out the humps and bumps. Also, once you do level it, make sure you use a roller to compact it depending on how deep the valleys are. And to also echo what SBR says, remove the clay plugs after aerating, no point in re-introducing that material. That can be a pain in the ass and very tedious to do, but worth the effort.
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