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  1. Ahhhh, I thought you were in Wisconsin, which is a serious hot mess.
  2. Wayyyyyy too many comments come to mind...
  3. Yep exactly. But with only one sub per side, guys would JUST sit down after walking from the bench, and they would have to get back up again and walk to the bench to go on the ice.
  4. I was not nearly as gassed as I thought I was going to be, and not even stiff the next day. It was... interesting. The sub for each side could not even sit on the bench, they had to sit on a chair in front of the dressing room door. I guess so the arena staff does not have to disinfect the benches between each group. Playing again Friday and Saturday.
  5. The guy at Timmy's looked at me funny when I stopped in to grab my pre-hockey coffee....
  6. And Kenesky, and Brown
  7. Naz

    Kenesky PP1 C/A

    So... like a Brown?? LOL
  8. Yep, maximum 10 players total, 5 allowed per dressing room. Think we are going to do 3 on 3 with one spare each.
  9. Well, the Surrey education system is not exactly the greatest.....
  10. I am scheduled to be on the ice June 20 and 27. The arena I am playing at has the following rules: Maximum 10 players (including goalies) on the ice, 5 per dressing room. Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before, stay no later than 15 minutes after, no showering. The region I live in has done very well during this situation, definitely helped by our geography. I live on Vancouver Island, the largest island on the west coast of North America - 12,000 sq miles (32,000 sq km) - with a population of just over 870,000. We have had a total of 130 cases with 5 deaths. Yesterday, at the hospital I work at, we discharged our last Covid patient who is now fully recovered. We now have zero active cases on the Island, and have not had a new confirmed cast on over 3 weeks. Early on, ferry routes over to the Island were drastically reduced in frequency and capacity, and a large percentage of hotels closed severely limiting the number of people that could come over to the Island.
  11. I have a few thoughts on this subject. The first one, and it's probably more a pre-concieved notion more than reality based, is that a "game ready" glove in my mind also means that it will be less durable, break down faster, and need to be replaced sooner. Second one - I have a certain way I like a glove to be shaped once I have broken it in. Not EXACTLY finger curl, but a definite curve at the finger tips. Picture any of Ron Hextall's gloves (yes, I'm an old fart). This allows me to grip/hold the stick very well when playing the puck. Now, to contradict the fact I believe you should be breaking in your own glove. My thoughts were based on when I was younger and had practices 4 times per week and pre-game skates in addition to the games. This gave opportunity to break in a glove prior to actual game use. Use the old glove in games until the new glove was ready. Just being a beer leaguer now, there are is no practice time, so a glove needs to be relatively game ready. FWIW, I voted "Love it"
  12. Tough days at the office eh Coop?
  13. Well... that is a BUSINESS journal who really only specializes in Economic, not scientific/medical. Plus the story itself contradicts the headline at the end. Here are some telling stats: Sweden 17.3 deaths per 100,000 Neighbouring Norway 3.37 deaths per 100,000 Finland 2.56 deaths per 100,000. Herd Immunity only works with vaccines, There is no vaccine. Getting it once and recovering does NOT make you immune as the article suggests. There are reports of recovered people getting sick again.
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