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  1. Well shit, sucks that you are retiring. I will watch for what you post, mayyyyyyyyyy be interested (probably will be).
  2. Not from this goalie. Unfortunately, here in Victoria BC, the majority of Subaru drivers are completely oblivious to what is happening on the road. No brand of vehicle induces more road rage in this town than Subarus.
  3. Not really my dreeeeam car, but I really want one of these. Chev SS which is discontinued for 2020, and never was available in Canada. Would surprise the hell out of so many people, admittedly an ordinary looking car although I do like the lines and look. The surprise is under the hood.. 415hp 6.2L V8.
  4. What I noticed was the lack of rocker or rounded heel on his stick. VERY traditional. Would LOVE to find that pattern in a store.
  5. Naz


    I had one of the early Plastic Eddy Masks. While it stood up well to hard shots, that was not the drawback to the mask. The flexibility of the polycarbonate becomes an issue when you have someone heavy fall on your head during a scramble or when diving to cover a puck. I know that the newer poly masks are much stiffer, but they still don't match up.
  6. And a large percantage of them wear Brown c/a
  7. Bump for price drop from $500 CAD to $300 CAD
  8. Holy crap! The Sport Chek stores around here don't have nearly that amount of goalie gear. No c/a's and maybe 2 sets of pads, one Bauer one CCM and a few Intermediate gloves. Usually only about 10 goalie sticks too.
  9. I would NEVER sell these to him!!
  10. I have a colour matching trapper, but it is a Pro90Z, not the Helite 5
  11. ***SOLD*** These New Old-Stock Heaton Helite 5's have never seen the ice or a puck. Prefer to sell in Canada as I do not have PayPal - Payment via eTransfer. $300 CAD includes shipping within Canada. ***edit - huge price drop, need the pads gone***
  12. Selling these if anyone is interested. Prefer to sell in Canada with payment via eTransfer. New Old stock, have never seen the ice. $500 CAD includes shipping in Canada
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