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  1. You could Private Message Ed on Facebook. He is active on there producing retro goalie tshirts and mugs. He may offer some suggestions.
  2. Doesn't Canadian Tire own the Louisville name, in addition to Sher-Wood?
  3. If you have gone up 1.5 inches in paddle height, it definitely changes your technique
  4. I know a few guys on the Vintage Goalie Equip group on FB use it to make Cooper decals for SK2000 helmets
  5. yup, the goal mask. In the side view, he is looking through the bars one level down from where it should be sitting. He looks like every WHL goalie from a few years back in their ill-fitting Bauer masks
  6. WTF, CCM actually produced an ad with the mask sitting that poorly?
  7. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CMqSHWDjE3G/?igshid=1vvnguep2xmz2&fbclid=IwAR3-NpsayiJLGhIRCCRQ5nnPaKUqgP2lpTthelJrokdQGhUr-kHKgXTi2i0 He stumbled a few times in them last night
  8. When was the last time both goalies in a game had the Iceberg graphic?
  9. Naz

    Bootstrap or Not ?

    I put both boot straps of my Vaughn Vision 3500's through the same hole. Crank 'em both right down as well.
  10. Hell, a foreward would get laughed out, nevermind a goalie
  11. The Brian's Altra 750 would like a word with the 590.
  12. Saw Anderson play for Washington a few days ago in relief. I think Halak got a shutout the other day.
  13. This one hit home for me. I was 3 years into my 20 year hiatus from hockey when my daughter was born. She had seen old VHS from my Junior days, and had always wanted to see me play in person. It was one of the highlights of my life to see how thrilled she was to finally watch me play when I got back on the ice. Maybe a year away from the game could be good for you. All I can say, is never give it up completely. And, stay involved here! It keeps your mind in the game, and your input is always awesome. Besides, I don't think I could handle @coopaloop1234 missing you...
  14. The other Marty, Marty Turco did make some skate/kick saves, stacked the pads, and did the current butterfly. Also, Chris Osgood morphed his style to stay in the game, so would throw in old school saves with the butterfly as he adjusted his game.
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