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    Victoria, BC, Canada

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    Vaughn Vision 3500 - 34"
  • Glove
    Heaton Pro90z
  • Blocker
    Heaton HeLite III
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Brown JB553
  • Pants
    Tackla Pro Keeper
  • Mask
    Eddy Custom Kevlar
  • Stick
    Louisville TPS - Christian 100
  • Skates - Boot
    Bauer Supreme 7000
  • Skate - Cowling
  • Knee Pads
  • Neck Guard
    Brown clavicle protector circa 1987
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  • Leg Pads
    Miller GLP 1000
  • Mask
    Harrison or Cubberly

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  1. Coop and his friends
  2. Price shuffles all the time. I think you meant to say Rask instead of Price. Rask NEVER shuffles.
  3. Naz

    Daily Chit-chat

    Scurvy is gross at 20 degrees, I can only imagine 40
  4. Naz

    Daily Chit-chat

    FFS, getting warm here in Victoria BC. in the next few days we are going to reach a high of 37 celcius. (100 F) Normal temp for this time of year is 22 celcius (70 F).
  5. I zoomed out on the GoogleEarth view, and the Rush song "Subdivisions" immediately popped into my head.
  6. after getting out of my gear, I stood in the rink in shorts and t shirt for a good 5 minutes to cool down. Then yeah, went to a stupidly warm vehicle.
  7. Victoria BC Played Saturday evening. Same rink rules as before the November shut-down. Arrive 20 minutes before and no showers after it. I was pleasantly not completely gassed, and not sore the next day.
  8. I've been having that as well. My monitors are still standing though
  9. Holy crap, that Silver Hand, when I hover over it, it says you are a "Newbie" I guess over 2300 posts is considered new???
  10. Naz

    Daily Chit-chat

    Olives... you mean little Lego tires. and dipping??? I never understood dips for pizza, it's perfect as is.
  11. Naz

    Daily Chit-chat

    35 years ago, I wore my new Brown IN the shower to break it in.
  12. As a Ukrainian, I approve this message.
  13. Not a chance Matt... The most wily veteran signed/picked up by the team will get that, and then down the line of veteran players.
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