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  1. I almost said "Just the tip" ......
  2. For grip with one of my trappers, I simply put 2 small wraps of white hockey tape around only the tips of my middle 3 fingers.
  3. Naz

    Biggest Gear Regret

    Because in this day and age of the mindset of the "disposable society" , even with custom, people still buy with the thought of future selling the piece. Having full right limits re-sale value.
  4. backplate is LOADED with DaveArt special effects. But he did them ALL in white to make them extra special effects.
  5. Naz

    Team Pics

    Hahaha, believe it or not, that c/a is a shitty old Vaughn 3700
  6. the guys that would buy this are the same one who won't buy a Brown because they are "too hot"....
  7. Naz

    Team Pics

    Have actually had people say I play like Fiset.
  8. Naz

    Vaughn V9

    Ohhh man, Do NOT order these with ANY pink at all.
  9. Yes, 4700 was the Senior version. You can see the SR tag in one of your photos. Also, as you alluded to, the H% logo is heat transferred. As seen in the attached photo, the Pro version had the full H5 rubberized logo.
  10. Only need 2 smallish holes at the bottom to drain sweat/water. No need to perforate it with 10 holes.
  11. These are in the Hall of Fame room at Rogers in Edmonton. Notice the orange leather has been changed out to nylon.
  12. @bunnyman666 make sure if you are practicing dryland you devise some sort of platform for the bottom of your shoes. Remember being on skates makes you several inches taller and changes the angle of how you hold the stick.
  13. Sorry to interrupt @MTH photo stream! Here is Fuhr in a painted mask with the Victoria Cougars. Not sure what make of pads these are. Note the Adidas track pants instead of socks.
  14. Naz

    Brand loyalty

    I have never been all matchey matchey Brand wise at the same time, although colour wise I have been. However, I have had a major visible piece each from a variety of manufacturers, just never all at the same time. Trappers, I have had: Cooper GM21, CCM Pro (back in 83), Jofa, Brown, Vaughn, Brian's, Miller (briefly), Heaton. Blocker: Wilson, Cooper, Vaughn, Brown, Miller, Brian's, Heaton Pads, D&R, Cooper, Vaughn, Miller, Brown, Heaton Pants- Cooper, Brown, Vaughn, Tackla
  15. Naz

    GSBB - Dead?

    Yep, the last update killed it.
  16. Should have had the cage around the window painted, that was part of how good Cujo's was.
  17. Well shit, sucks that you are retiring. I will watch for what you post, mayyyyyyyyyy be interested (probably will be).
  18. Not from this goalie. Unfortunately, here in Victoria BC, the majority of Subaru drivers are completely oblivious to what is happening on the road. No brand of vehicle induces more road rage in this town than Subarus.
  19. Not really my dreeeeam car, but I really want one of these. Chev SS which is discontinued for 2020, and never was available in Canada. Would surprise the hell out of so many people, admittedly an ordinary looking car although I do like the lines and look. The surprise is under the hood.. 415hp 6.2L V8.
  20. What I noticed was the lack of rocker or rounded heel on his stick. VERY traditional. Would LOVE to find that pattern in a store.
  21. Naz


    I had one of the early Plastic Eddy Masks. While it stood up well to hard shots, that was not the drawback to the mask. The flexibility of the polycarbonate becomes an issue when you have someone heavy fall on your head during a scramble or when diving to cover a puck. I know that the newer poly masks are much stiffer, but they still don't match up.
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