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Warrior Kneepad modification and strapping to CCM pants


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So the knee pads from Warrior are considered very good which I can confirm on my behalf. I've never used other brand as Warriors have been really good for me so need to find anything better.

But being good isn't still as good as would like them to be so a bit of a modding is needed to the strapping.

Standing up the pads and straps are in line and comfortable and nothing bothering.


But down on BF there is a lot of pulling on the mid strap and it wants to pull the knee protection upwards opening the knee area to possibly get a puck there. (top strap only pulled away and help to push the knee pad down)


So the middle strap needs some operating and it's not really a simple job the way I do it with sewing machine, but you could possibly do it also with just cutting the strap out, add some velcro and length to it and use the original front velcro.

As said my way involves a lot more work and requires sewing, awl would do but machine is so much easier.

Open the bindings and detach the strap, move the strap up as much as possible and sew everything in.


Nothing changed when standing up but when down to ice the strap does only touch the calf and doesn't want to lift the front plate up.


Even more room is available if the top straps are crossed. I have used that setup too with no problem.

One thing to note here that I keep the top straps attached always. And as loose as possible within the velcro limitation as in the pictures. This way the thigh doesn't push the top part down so much. I also like the free feel while it is still attached well enough to not hinder to anything. Nowadays I use a skaters socks over the pads too, but that didn't really change a lot.

So the attachment to my new HPG12A pants where there are no spots whatsoever.

Velcro of both sides and a slice of jenpro (or whatever fabric with holes) sewn tpgether.


Open up the thigh protector pockets (velcroed!) and insert the tabs:


Close the pocket and we have tabs available. There is the hip protection that covers these tabs so they don't touch my thigh at all.


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great work! When I had warrior knee pads and ribock pants I did the same thing, attaching the knee pads to the pocket velcro. I also think the warrior knee pads are one of the best in terms of comfort and ergonomics, but I never had the problem you mentioned (maybe because of my thin legs, haha)

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