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Vinyl for pads?

Lucky Pucker

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Was on the Custom Cages site recently, and noticed that they now offer vinyl for pads and gloves.


I’m fine with ~$40 for mask vinyl, but I doubt that that same ~$40 worth of “highly durable vinyl” would be good for more than a special cause tourney or something. That said, at $40, it might be the difference between me being able to get some green on my pads and gloves to match my Whalers jersey. (I am an avowed matchy-matchy maniac - but have been told in no uncertain terms to pump the brakes on goalie purchases. Period.)

Not sure how long this has been available, so might be too new for anyone to have tried it - but if you have, what do you think?

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3 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:

No idea, but I don't think very well. Especially if you're wanting to put them in your machs 

Ok, I was just thinking about it because the knee block is blue on my all white pads because of the marker on the ice form my goalie practices last season. And I have no idea what to use to get it off 

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22 hours ago, Hockey34 said:

How well does pad skins slide if I wanted to put it on the knee block?

It does not lol

1 hour ago, Hockey34 said:

I know it suck’s, I wanted the black and white which would not have this problem but thatcarguy’s store didn’t have any 

1 hour ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Classic @ThatCarGuy

I've complained for years that we don't have padskinz and always had to order it direct from them

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