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For Sale: Itech + Vaughn C/A, LT90 Glove, V5 Blocker, RBK+Bauer Skates, V4 Leg Pads - REDUCED PRICE


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Hey Guys,

I'm looking to offload some of my old gear. Gear has varying amount of usage. Anywhere from 10 games to 4 seasons. Prices are CAD and I'm located in Vancouver BC.

Of course, since I'm wanting the space back, I'm pretty damn flexible in price. Anything that is reasonable will be accepted. Just help me clear my clutter. :P


Leg Pads:
- Vaughn V4 7450, 34+1
used for 4 years, 100$


- Vaughn Epic 8600
used for 4 years, 20$, needs buttons replaced


- Itech Reflex, size: M
used 2 years, 50$


- Vaughn V5 7800 Pro C/A, Size: L
used 3 years, 100$


- Bauer One55
used 3 years, Rough Shape, 15$

- Vaughn V5 7490 Blocker
used 3 years, $50
- Vaughn Ventus LT90
used 3 years, 100$


- Reebok 10K, size: 6.5, Width: D
used 5 years, some eyelets need to be replaced, 50$

- Bauer Total Ones, Size: 5.5, Width: EE
used 10 skates, my feet don't ft Bauer toes well, 100$


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4 hours ago, Mike24 said:

Koho “vintage” 32+1

i do want to try something a little taller without spending a lot. 

Yea, they'll be a bit taller than what you're used to. They've definitely settled a bit, but my knee lands dead in the center and I'm probably a 33 in a reebok/koho.

If you want to try them, by all means, get 'em. Though, just looking at rates to get these to you, it would cost more in shipping that what I'm selling the pads for (Vancouver, BC)

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