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  1. Mike24

    Lefevre going solo

    Didn’t Fuhr wear John Brown for a good stretch?
  2. Mike24

    Lefevre going solo

    1. No 2. Fuhr I can remember a few of his sets 3. none. 4. Yes. I ordered every damn catalog I could get. Don Simmons had a great catalog. Boston hockey company too. I miss those days. I even had a friend that got me the brand product catalogs im slightly outside of your age demo. I’m 40.
  3. Mike24

    The Passmore Line

    You remember that game I filled in at Deptford? I think it was Feb 2018. That was the last game I played in. I went to holly dell a couple time for opens after that. But yeah as of right now looks like it’s all she wrote. and yeah let me know I’ll stop up there sometime.
  4. Mike24

    Lefevre going solo

    Only Big Losers wear Vaughn. I kid I kid.
  5. Mike24

    The Passmore Line

    Yeah @MTH. I used that one all the time. Lol
  6. Mike24

    Lefevre going solo

    Gotta love the ever changing goalie gear landscape!!!!! My playing days are done but it’s still entertaining as hell.
  7. Mike24

    The Passmore Line

    The puck passed him more
  8. Mike24

    The Passmore Line

    How about This, to the tune of Springfield Springfield (Simpsons) Passmore Passmore it’s Hell of blocker. weather you play stand up or paddle down. ...... weighs less than 3 pounds Passmore Passmore.....Passmore Passmore (New York New York) hey man Passmore never played for them ...... Ok that’s all I got so far.
  9. Yeah. It was fun for a bit but, I lost interest when the Flyers went out. The Cup finals and all playoff rounds should have 20k fans going nuts. Hopefully 2021 is better.
  10. Mike24

    The Passmore Line

    I second that. Yeah he’s a funny dude.
  11. Mike24

    I Hate Politics

    Well said Max. Political nonsense does bring out the worst in People.
  12. Is there any hope GM will revive the Koho line once again?
  13. I shoot right handed. But playing baseball first as a kid catching with my left and throwing righty. I just “taught” my self to shoot lefty the best I could.
  14. My wife writes left handed and throws right handed.
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