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  1. @motowngoalie wagons(or estate vehicles) are underrated IMO.
  2. 2002 Collector Edition Trans Am Ws6 wanted to buy one of these in 2002 but I was young and couldn’t afford it. All these years later the fire still burns.
  3. Got it yesterday. Thanks Doug! the pen was a nice bonus.
  4. Nothing like the video version with the WAHHH! As the song starts.
  5. I’m a pump up guy. Then I can focus once the blood is flowing. Im a Pearl Jam fan so I pick some favorites from their vast live bootleg.( studio versions lack, all bands). Catalog A few go to’s Animal, Evenflow, given to fly.......
  6. I’ll add it to my collection. This one still gets high praise. As does my Pearl Jam stick man shirt
  7. Doug I promise to wear it loud and proud
  8. I have a brand new set of Koho 587 vintage series pads are 32+1 gloves are SR sized. All white though.
  9. I would pay my brother in quarters to call. Lol. Ive never been to Ocean. Ahhhh. rupps I forgot about them
  10. @stackem30 right on. 90s playboys had too many fake boobs. Simmons/all hockey catalogs. Boston hockey company(Tons of Brown gear). Ocean hockey, Great Skate. Del Val hockey more of a local one for me. But solid catalog. Funny thing about del Val they put out a great catalog....Koho Heaton Vaughn etc all the big boys of the time. Had unique gear pics. I finally got a chance to go to the shop. It was in a rink and they was like 6 sets of pads some gloves. And not much else. I thought I was walking into a place like Simmons. I realized quickly it was an order in place.
  11. Anybody? I’m going to post it elsewhere as well.
  12. Ok those are better. But not great.
  13. Are those the pens jerseys for the game ? They look like a half assed men’s league jersey gear looks good.
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