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  1. @insertnamehere yes sir 2002 “collector edition “ one of the last ones they made. it’s my #1 dream car I was lucky enough to get it back in November after years of searching. My next toy car will be a C5.
  2. @insertnameherepop up lights are the best!
  3. I will say, being an old fart. I like the defined rolls on the pads (shin thigh knee ).
  4. Can someone post a screenshot of the gear I’m not on Instagram thanks.
  5. Holy shit skates edge. blast from the past
  6. @RichMan is spot on. All others have made great points as well. I’ll be short here, I feel like you are putting a great amount of pressure on yourself. Find a way to have fun everytime you get out on the ice.
  7. This is spectacular kidd had some great gear.
  8. Try posting Hebert pic again. I’m not seeing it.
  9. I’m not sure but I had that one as well.
  10. Yes!!!! You are right. I think I had that poster. Along with my Roy the wall poster.
  11. Friends I’m feeling a little tired from my Fauci ouchie I got earlier today. I’ll do another short collection tonight. @MTHset the table nice for this one. Mr. Grant Fuhr.
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