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Upgrading My Vapors

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Hey all,

I've been in Bauer Vapor x900s since about 2018, and they've been a solid skate that have treated me well. However, the liner seems to be pretty worn down and they're feeling a bit soft, so I think it's time to consider an upgrade/update. Does anyone have experience with the Bauer Elites? They seem like a similar and good step that I can swap my (relatively new) Pulse TI Blades onto, which is a plus in my books.

Definitely considering other options - True TF9s and maybe Konekt HF2s, so I'm open to what else people recommend for the mid-range skate lines.

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I'd defnitely check out the HF2 if you can. Your old steel should fit if you're going into the same size skate. It's a bit pricier than the Elite, but I think the thermoformability and hinge and the resulting performance increase are worth it. Stores should let you bake them to see how they feel before you buy.

True TF9 might be worth it especially if it is on deep discount. There's a new line of Catalyst goalie skate that is coming soon but I don't think it's going to be a huge change as going from a traditional skate to Konekt would be.

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I switched from Bauer S170s to True TF9s back in November or so and holy hell was that ever a revelation. The boot is much more supportive and my pushes and skating are far more stable than I had been in the Bauers. The step up from x900s may not be as big in terms of build but I was blown away by how much better the TF9s felt. I've had issues with my left ankle over the past 3 years due to a tiabialis sprain that left it significantly weaker than before and the Trues have managed to do away with a lot of the issues I had with weight transfer because they support my ankle better. The only adjustment I've found is I feel like the pitch is flatter and I'm back on my heels a bit more than the Bauer skates were. I've been through pretty much every iteration of Bauer skates before the S170s and never had to adjust to this in any of them, so it was an odd feeling at first. It's not been a huge change, though.

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