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  1. We have received inquiries from pros on occasion - given our history, ability to customize and the fact that all our gear is made in Canada we have the ability to offer anything the other guys do. We just don't see NHL market share as the sole metric of success.
  2. Yes we've made gear for Sherwood and Warrior, including sets worn by a number pro goalies (which is why we always laugh at the "why isn't Passau in the NHL?" question).
  3. nope....wait about 30 seconds.....hehehehehehehe
  4. Have to share these pics - this is Jeff, who I play against every Monday night. He has rocked a very old setup for a long time (his goalie skates are literally older than I am and I'm in my late 30s). He's seen me wear lots of Passau sets over the years and recently he ordered his own setup. We wanted to do a cross between modern and vintage. The pad internals are our new core with bindingness boot but the exterior has a vintage appearance (though is made in jenpro). Gloves are also made with modern materials including ecofoam in the palm of the trapper. He kept saying "it feels like Christmas" every time he pulls them out of the bag. Just wanted to share.
  5. GoalieTimmy33

    Boddam gear

    .....hmmmm.....sure looks VERY familiar......
  6. Couple of pics of some recent setups we've done. All are the next gen pad which are getting RAVE reviews from our clients. I've been testing this pad for almost a year now and genuinely think it is the best out there in terms of weight, durability, sliding and customizability (and price, LOL).
  7. Still working on this guys....we've had some really design breakthroughs on some other fronts. The new gen pad development took a little longer than expected and we have something else we're finalizing which is REALLY cool. Whether we will continue to work on the pants or focus on doing a something else is TBD. I'll certainly keep you all posted, and of course feel free to reach out to me directly with questions. - Tim Tim.McCarthy@PassauHockey.com 314.650.3294
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